from the Hathors / the 'team', channeled and illustrated by Peggy Black, as received by email so far

[German translations: Welcome Letter  /  Morning Messages]


"Morning Messages Welcome Letter"

Welcome and Thank You for Joining.

The 'team' invites each of us to claim our power and claim the support we are being offered. It is from our personal multidimensional sovereignty that we will shift and transform current events.  

"We are here to serve humanity in awaking to their multidimensional Self by empowering them to honor their heart as a chalice for coherent transforming emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation".  the 'team'

We know that when people consciously come together purely and simply for the benefit of humanity, it is a power greater than the world has ever known. It is my honor to connect with you and serve you in this way... blessings Peggy
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Morning Messages
Illustrations by PEGGY BLACK



Message 1

It is your birthright to awaken

We have an open frequency to you. It is always, has been, will be. You decide the volume, the connection, the awareness. We have been like soft music in your background. There are times it catches your attention and times it is just there. When you vibrate joy, gratitude, love, and compassion, our contact-our presence-can stream with you into all your projects, activities, views. Fear, worry, judgments close the flow.

We invite you to make a practice of allowing yourself to still your activity and be quiet for a few minutes several times a day. As you practice and use this simple tool, it will become easier and quicker to reach your state of balance. This allows your bodymind- emotions-spirit to realign.

We encourage you and others to listen to the guidance within... to make time for stillness and be receptive to what is being offered. It is your birthright to awaken. This is the lifetime to honor your total magnificent, multidimensional Self.




Message 2

Multidimensional Self

Humans are awakening to their multidimensional self; they are now becoming aware of how all the outside stimulation offered by your society is a way to distract and control. Pull yourselves away from some of those distractions that fill your time with activities. Allow yourselves to drop into a quiet place where you will hear our messages.

You as a human, with a body, carry within yourself a reflection of the stars, moon, and sun. You carry an aspect, a reflection, an interface with the galaxy. Remember, this is a game of evolution, a game of consciousness, a game that allows all energetic signatures to be experienced. You as human are like the most sophisticated, refined, highly developed consciousness that could be designed. You are information gatherers: sensing, feeling, and ever expanding from Divine Mind.

During these times of great change on your planet, there is a rapid-moving, strong-current river of energy. The best and most conscious manner to deal with this incredible energy... is to bravely trust the flow and allow yourself to embrace the movement and changes that are taking place. Surrender into trust, drop into a place within your being that offers you flexibility for all that is transpiring. Practice radiating joy, gratitude and appreciation into all your experiences.




Message 3

Energetic Pendulum

The energy that is bathing this planet is from the celestial realms, and beings of love and light are in partnership with those who are raising their vibrations in their personal field. Each awakened starhuman who radiates joy, gratitude, and appreciation adds a frequency, a pure vibration that joins and uplifts the entire matrix of the hologame (perceived reality).

When those we hold in the darkness can be embraced by our joy, gratitude, and appreciation, there will be great shifts on the screen of reality. It is the pushing against that allows any reality to remain intact. In fact, it is the pushing against a certain reality that adds to its strength. When we are opposed to something... and express and hold a frequency of opposition... we are actually giving the very thing we oppose our energy.

The energetic pendulum will swing to either aspect of polarity. The goal is to hold one's state of mind in the perfect center of the swing--knowing that the polarities exist, knowing that there are negative and positive positions, yet recognizing that the most powerful place for your awareness is in the calm center of your being: that center and place of perfect calm... anchoring a vibration and frequency of pure joy, pure gratitude, and pure appreciation of being.



Message 4

Fluid Reality

Imagine your ego--like the man behind the screen in your film the "Wizard of Oz." Your ego is really just a program in the brain and this ego program thinks that it is the brain and thinks it is the self. It sends out worry and fear energy which affects the body-mindemotions and affects your creation of reality that you then interface with.

The key to remember in ego versus Self is awareness. It is this understanding that will free the SELF. Humans are trained from infancy to believe the ego is who they are. The ego program was important as a guidance system, it was like a cruise control you have on some automobiles. It was designed to assist and be responsible for some of the function of the interface with third dimensional reality.

Another example: The desk computer has a set of programs; these programs have been created which allows you to interface with the bigger programs in the internet reality. Yet it is you who sits before the monitor and you who direct the programs. We know that you are aware that at times the programs become locked or overloaded and all that can be done is to turn off the machine.

The ego is much like these programs in the computer. They will run on automatic - yet the Self who is aware of all this can begin to make conscious adjustment to the operating systems. When one understands this they can even reprogram the entire system. The Self can override the "worry center" or the "fear program" activated by ego.

You have the opportunity to observe how this ego program operates within your system. Notice what triggers a fear response - a worry thought. Be gentle with yourself - observe and then with great love and compassion begin to shift your energy - shift your thoughts - shift your focus. Use your "consciousness tools" and gently shift your negative non-supportive thinking. Be grateful, feel appreciation, laugh and bring joy into the moment. This is like a restart that will disengage the ego.



Message 5

Loving Teams

We are suggesting that you stand in the hologame - in the comfortable and familiar physical reality--and allow your consciousness to expand and include the possibility that there is a doorway open to other realms, and you have a personal invitation to walk through... There are loving teams of beings ever ready to support and guide you and all others into this new adventure. The important key to remember is the willingness and the asking. State your intentions clearly and then surrender.

Daily practices that connect you with your most Divine aspect are important... You can give yourself this gift by sitting quietly - feeling the physical body, sensing the energy body, and, with your awareness in your heart, sending gratitude and appreciation on your breath to your Divine aspect. Allow and welcome the love and energy that flows back in return. This simple exercise will strengthen you on all levels of beingness.

Remember that energy follows thought. Watch your thoughts. Stay very vigilant with your thoughts, your emotions, and your words. Each one carries a vibration. It is your responsibility to recognize and shift the energy signature you are offering to the collective. This is far more important than you realize.



Message 6

Dedicated Actions

It is important to understand the value of being fully, consciously present with the tasks at hand. It does not matter what you are doing or how you are doing it. The key is to be present with it, vibrating a high, pure frequency - infusing the work or the task with clear and clean vibrations of joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

Small, simple dedicated actions - infused with joy, gratitude, and appreciation - will ripple outward from your life, shifting and transforming all other energy it touches. You and others who practice conscious stillness will offer an example, a safe harbor, and a balanced frequency for others to entrain and resonate with. Your numbers will increase.

Be gentle with yourself; lovingly bring your consciousness into each task, into each NOW, and infuse that NOW with your joy, gratitude, and appreciation. You will realize and recognize the honor it is to be in physical embodiment - and realize the true sacredness of all your actions.



Message 7

Chalice of Golden Awareness

We invite you and the others to notice where and what you resist. Follow the thread to the source or the seed of the resistance. It is like a knot in the weaving of reality. You simply untangle it and the weaving expands.

When new awareness is offered the usual response is to resist. This resistance takes form in many ways and behaviors. Some resist outright and close their minds to the possibility of a different and more expanded reality. Some don't even see the possibility of a different and more expanded reality, their resistance is so subtle. Then there are those who see the possibility of a different and more expanded reality and they choose to make it wrong in order to hold onto the beliefs that are comfortable and their illusion of power.

Remember you are a chalice of golden awareness.
Honor your most magnificent self with your words and actions. We honor you and your willingness to be an active aspect of the incredible shift of consciousness being offered into the matrix and weaving of mankind.

The best and most valuable tool you can use at this time is a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It will serve you well to practice and become proficient at calling and invoking these pure tones of resonance. It is in these frequencies that all miracles and all synchronicities unfold.




Message 8

Your Life Raft

The physiology of the body responds to the vibrations of the emotions. When you radiate joy, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, and love, the chemicals/hormones - directives from the brain - are expansive and opening. The very cells respond to your high positive emotions.

You experience pleasant sensations throughout your entire being; your mind is clearer, your heart more open, your inner realms more expansive, and your connection to the higher realms easier and smoother.

By contrast, when you experience fear, anger, or frustration, everything in the body/mind contracts. The cells and the organs are bathed with stress hormones. There is a level of being closed off, with defenses up. The being is shut down; the vibrations are dense and heavy. It is important for each being to train themselves - to lift themselves up into the higher emotional vibrations, to reach for feelings of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These emotions will be your life raft, your safety in times to come.




Message 9

Emotions Are A Frequency I 

The emotional state of the human is far more important than you have been taught. Emotions are a frequency, a vibration. They interact and interface with your reality; they are your point of attraction.

They are the indicators - your sign posts, your road map... There is beauty and complexity to the unit you call your body/mind/emotions/spirit.

When the person is fearful, frightened, angry, or worried, the vibrations - the messages that the body is receiving - are very different... The functioning of the organs and muscles goes into a state of alarm. The body is on alert, separate from the whole.

When you vibrate high frequencies of joy, love, appreciation, and gratitude... all systems are in a high-vibration state of awareness: relaxed, alert, harmonious, creative. There is a flow between all atoms, all cells, and the stars.

By contrast, when you experience fear, anger, or frustration, everything in the body/mind contracts. The cells... the organs are bathed with stress hormones. There is a level of being closed off, with defenses up. The being is shut down; the vibrations are dense and heavy.

It is important for each being to train themselves - to lift themselves up into higher emotional vibrations, to reach for feelings of joy, gratitude, and appreciation.
These emotions will be your life raft, your safety in times to come.

We offer this for today - when you feel an emotion or have a thought, ask yourself this question: "Is this a life-enhancing, life-giving energy, or is this thought or emotion a life-diminishing, life-harming energy?" If you practice this exercise, it will assist you in staying in a high frequency.



Message 10

Emotions Are A Frequency II

Each human is a complex system of chemicals, hormones, and vibrations/frequencies as well as beliefs, programs, emotional addiction and emotional habits. 

The desire to attain a balance and discover the master control, so to speak, of the emotional nature is an important aspect of each human.

Your emotions are like the sea. They ebb and flow. The sea is affected by the winds, the pull of the moon, the season. It is important for each human to realize that they can either be in the sea of emotions or riding the sea of emotions.

Awareness is the boat you build which allows you to ride the emotional waves moment to moment. It is important to realize that you are the boat and not the sea.

Remember that incomplete, unresolved, suppressed experiences that are triggered by a song, a smell, a memory will dump you into the emotional sea every time.

Get back in the boat. Remember you are not these emotions. You might feel them, yet these emotions are offering you a clear sign that you are not in your center.

In your center, in the boat of awareness, you are the master controller and navigator.

Each and everything that you personally do that reflects a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation enhances the matrix as a whole. These vibrations keep you in the boat above the emotional sea of turmoil and this allows you to honor your magnificence.



Message 11

You Are An Uplifter

Each human comes in contact with others who resonate and carry the same frequency.

So you can look into your life experiences and see what results came from the vibrational patterns that you offered. Look into your past. We might add that you do this without judgment; just observe the experiences, the patterns, the people that you attracted, the jobs you sourced, the painful as well as the pleasant unfolding of your life experiences.

Once you have observed your life from this neutral place, you will recognize repeated patterns, habits, and repeated realities that you continue to call forth.

This knowledge is your power. Now you can begin to offer a different frequency, different feeling, and different thought. Each time you consciously make a shift to a new pattern, feeling or thought, you attract and bring forth a different result.

Remember this is a hologame, who you are, is a magnificent, powerful creator.

This planet earth is heavy with dense, misqualified energy. You are here to play and bring your joy, gratitude and appreciation to this hologame. That is how the cosmic shift takes place, one heartfelt healing vibration at a time.



Message 12

Transforming Work

The physical unit or body was designed to support your divine presence, your soul essence, while engaged in transforming and transmuting dense low frequencies of hatred, fear, prejudice, greed, control, manipulation and self righteousness.

The physical body is a miraculous design. It was designed to continue to replicate and renew cells, tissue and bones. It was designed to be self healing. It was designed to support your spirit while your spirit accomplished its chosen mission. It was designed to support your time on this planet and your participation in this hologame.

Our goal is to assist you in the remembering that you are a multidimensional starhuman. You have a built in receptor and connection to the galaxy and all other dimensions and timeframes.

You are here to transmute energy through your heart portal, the great transformer of energy. You are a multidimensional starhuman transformer.

When you recognize your personal power, you radiate a frequency and vibration that joins other like minds to shift the global matrix.

When you hold a steady frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation in your heart, it radiates out into the global matrix and out into the galaxy.

This frequency begins to build, it begins to increase in volume and resonance, and like a tuning fork vibrating joy, gratitude and appreciation, it activates/stimulates the same frequency resonance in others. This is service work. This is transforming work.



Message 13

Sacred Heart Space

It is the intelligence of the heart that offers humanity total healing and total connection with the dimensions and the stars. We have encouraged you to return to the sacred space of your heart and radiate love and appreciation to your reality. It is within the sacred heart that the alchemical process of transformation takes place. 

We support and encourage you to energetically and emotionally clean out your heart space. Polish it, shine it up, air it out, and begin to live there. If the heart is energetically congested with old emotions of hurt or grief or distrust, then the richer and fuller connection with divine is distorted. When the heart is energetically closed to others, it is closed to the divine. It is time that humanity heals the wounded heart.

It is the intelligence of the heart that will guide and uplift you in all your actions. Practice asking your heart before asking your mind. Practice bridging and connecting the heart's intelligence with the brain's intelligence. Practice radiating unconditional love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation from the heart, not from the mind. Allow yourself to see your sacred heart space as spacious, infinite, expanded, and whole. It is your link to the cosmic grid. It is your way home.



Message 14

Multidimensional Transformers

When you stay in the present moment, conscious in your own magnificence, viewing the outside events from a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation there is a flow.

There is a connection to the higher matrix, the divine weaving, in which all things are possible. It is through the heart portal that this higher matrix is available.

Humans are multidimensional transformers of dense low frequency vibrations.

Most humans have shut down their heart portal. They have experienced emotional pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection. These frequencies are theirs to transform, their gifts to offer the collective.

First, each human transforms their own dense low frequency vibrations. It is their service to uplift the frequency of pain, loss of love, betrayal and rejection that is carried within their personal energy field of the heart.

Once the heart portal is cleared of any pain, real or imagined, it is now a powerful transformer and can be used in service to transform the dense frequencies of fear, hatred, prejudice and numbness that is in the collective.

There was an exercise offered by one of your sages in which you would breathe into your heart the suffering of the world and breathe it out transformed. This is a powerful alchemical practice.

Another powerful alchemical practice is offering your joy, gratitude and appreciation into each NOW.



Message 15

Cosmic Gateway

Portals exist in every form and on every level of awareness. Portals exist in all timeframes and dimensions. Portals can be subtle, obvious, hidden and secret.

A portal offers entry into another space, another state of consciousness, another reality or hologram/hologame. The fabric and weavings of your planetary energy fields are interlaced with portals.

The human body has multiple portals; the name you have given these body portals is chakra. It is through the body portals that energy and information is acquired. They open and close much like camera lenses.

These portals are the connections to the stars. They are the receptors of the frequencies from the planets, the moon and stars. They also receive data from other humans which is the unspoken. Each time two humans meet, it is their portals/chakras that share information on a deep subtle level. This happens at all times in all places with everyone.

It is the consciousness of the heart, the energy field of the heart that is the link and the connection to the divine and to life itself. The heart is the portal to the stars. The heart is the gateway to all awareness and well-being. The heart is the thinking/feeling/knowing aspect of multidimensional starhumans.

The heart is the cosmic gateway for each individual. This is the seat of your unique self. It is from the open loving conscious heart that all things unfold and all mysteries are resolved.



Message 16

Powerful Alchemists

The human body was designed to function in wholeness and balance. When this balance is disturbed by programmed beliefs, habits of thought, habits of emotional patterns, or ingesting of toxic substances in foods, there will be dis-ease within the structure of the human form. The disease, or incoherent-balance, is the result of many factors over a long period of time. The imbalance will appear in areas that are vulnerable because of family patterns or beliefs from society, or a current mental toxin.

It always begins within. So look and see where you can soften and release some of the old patterns, some of the toxic emotions that you carry, the toxic beliefs in limitation that run your unconscious programs, the toxic foods that you ingest. This is the service work you are here to do-to clean up the toxins.

Now is the time to consciously... with a gentle heart... love yourself free of all limitation. We suggest that you and others continue to invite our support and assistance in your rebalancing and healing. We invite you to stay in your heart and bring anything that is not balanced, anything that is toxic, and anything that is limiting into your heart for total alchemical transformation. You are truly powerful alchemists. We know that when you decide to use this star awareness and the awesome tools available for transformation, you will shine like the most radiant star in the galaxy.



Message 17

Collect Your Joy

We would like you to sense and welcome joy. Let your self examine the feeling of joy. When are you filled with joy? What are the conditions? What is the situation?

We invite you to practice the awareness of joy--being in the vibration, the feeling, the emotion of joy. Your body chemistry will change when you bring an awareness of joy into your moments.

Over time, you will understand that joy is a natural state of being. It is a Vibrational way out of the mass consciousness grid. It is the ladder, the rope, the lifejacket. When you learn to feel, sense, experience joy as the dominant vibration in your life, you are free. When you hold a joy vibration more often than any other emotion, you are in a position of powerful creating. You are in the Divine flow.

We urge you to journey back in time and recall when you were taught to not express your joy... When did you shut down the avenues to your joy? When the events were emotionally painful, you closed down the vibrations of joy/appreciation/gratitude/love and carried the denser vibrations of fear, rejection, and anger. Go back... and bring into memory one of the higher-frequency emotions. Go back and collect your joy, like a game of finding the golden egg.



Message 18

Magic Carpet

When you maintain a pure high joyful expression of gratitude, it is your magic carpet as well as your protective shield... to ride the winds of change and the vibrational frequencies of any timeframe or reality. So as often as you possibly can, return to your sacred heart and allow the divine love of the universe to radiate out to all. You are a carrier of this divine love, as are all humans. The key is to remember this power and this purpose while in a physical body and to maintain an open heart for this divine love to flow through.

The well-being and care of this sacred heart space is most important, and the vibrational frequency is the resonance of joy and gratitude. This is a message that we continue to restate often, because it is the only true message. You-and everyone-are purely a vibrational being. Practice raising your vibrations at all times.

Sing, dance, love, forgive, honor, acknowledge, praise, and appreciate with a grateful heart all that is before you, all that you experience, all that you see or feel. These emotional vibrations and frequencies are your magic wand to transform all other discordant frequencies and vibrations.

Message 19

Joy Is An Elixir

Joy is a high vibration; joy moves your energy smoothly and effortlessly throughout your body. Gratitude is a high vibration. It is an elixir; it uplifts the vibration. All aspects of the body-mind relax when you are in a state of gratitude. Appreciation is a high vibration... When you allow a sincere feeling of appreciation to radiate from your heart, you are working with transformational energy. Love is a high vibration... Love is your Divine essence.

Visualize a past experience that is contaminated with your guilt or regret, and in your mind's eye create a new result. Imagine you acting or saying something different, something more loving or more conscious. Allow yourself to feel or sense a different emotion - one of joy, gratitude, or appreciation. Continue to use this visualization exercise until the past experience has lost its charge.

Each individual is responsible for the emotions they offer to the collective. The question to ask is, "Are the emotions I am experiencing right now adding to the accumulation of fear, anger, and powerlessness, or are they contributing to the uplifting of consciousness - my personal consciousness as well as the collective?" If they are not uplifting consciousness... do all that is within your power to shift your feelings.


Message 20

Global Service Work

Emotions are designed to act as guidelines to show you when you are off course. When you are feeling fear, it is valuable to express that in the moment, "I am feeling some fear right now." You don't have to know where the feelings are coming from, or what they mean; you just have to acknowledge them. Once they are acknowledged, they are defused. They are not stored in your system.

Each time you personally transform an old pattern of fear or struggle, you are uplifting an energetic piece of the dysfunctional matrix. You are uplifting your personal vibration. Each time you shift an emotional response from anger or judgment to love, joy, gratitude, and acceptance, you are doing global service work at a personal level. Each time you come together with other awake, multidimensional beings, you are strengthening the power of your global service work.

The gift you can offer to the collective by your embodiment is the gift of a pure, high vibrational frequency. A pure high vibrational frequency is held in joy, gratitude, and appreciation. Remember to maintain this frequency, or return to it as often and quickly as possible. Each moment is an opportunity to shift the long-held dysfunctional vibrations of lack, fear, anger, judgment, and unworthiness.



Message 21

Starself To Shine

As humans awake from their unconscious slumber, that numb place in consciousness where denial is the frequency and the guest - as the cosmic energy continues to increase and floods the consciousness of mankind with the spark of their own knowing and power - more and more angry people will rise out of their numb slumber and begin to protest the dysfunctional conditions in which they are living. You can see or sense the unrest, the protests, and the anger that are manifesting around the globe.

Your service work... and the service work of all multidimensional starhumans who are awake and aware... is to hold a steady pure frequency of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. This frequency and this resonance of these pure, high vibrations will act as the foundation and the anchoring that allows for the new paradigm, as everything is shifting and moving into the higher dimensions.

You, along with others, have your own personal denseness to uplift and transform, as well as holding the frequency o f the high vibrations for others to resonate with. Allow yourself to laugh, play, be in your joy, be in your heart, and be in your full appreciation of this wonderful game. Remember you are as big as the stars. This body and this life are only a small reflection of your magnificence. Allow and invite the fullness of your starself to shine into your life.


Message 22

Life Is An Inside Job

Emotional spins, as you call them, are usually the results of your reality not meeting your expectations. There is usually an old mental program running. When this happens, you are looking outside yourself for validation, as well as satisfaction. The picture of what you want in your life and the actual reality of your life are not a match. Remember this is an illusion. Everything is created within and then projected out. So the key is to look within and see the unfulfilled expectation within.

Life is always an inside job. You are always the key... you are the creator, you are the observer, you are the lover, and you are the loved. So be gentle with yourself and return to that space within where you honor your joy and gratitude. Those are the vibrations, the stepping stones out of the emotional spins.

At this time, it is easy to drop into the mass consciousness grid. There is much chaos and distress happening everywhere, and it can be a fragile emotional path to walk with all the images and the awareness of the death, destruction, loss, and anguish happening in the collective grid. The responsibility of you and other multidimensional starhumans is to anchor a strong vibration of love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation. Any other emotion only adds to the collective anguish.


Message 23

A Timeless Portal

Imagine the skill needed to walk a tightrope; each step is in the now. If walkers allow themselves to think about the steps beyond the current one, they lose their focus and they lose their balance. It is by staying in the now, all energy focused on the current step, the task in the moment, that they complete the walk successfully.

When you stay present in each moment you are more available and able to hear clear guidance. Artists who begin to paint and become so focused that they lose all track of time are creating in each new now. When you remain focused in each new now, there is a flow of creating that unfolds with grace and ease.

You are always creating. So you are either creating from the past or you are creating from the now. If you are creating from the past, all your creation will be flavored with your past memories, past feelings, past regrets, past beliefs.

However when you learn to create in the fresh now, it is like a new canvas. If you stay in the past you create from the past; if you project your awareness into the future, you are also creating from the past.

Once this skill is mastered in your personal activities and hologame, you will become aware that each present NOW is a portal. A timeless portal.



Message 24

Energetic Stance

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being that we invite you to maintain. When you bring your awareness into the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, it does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it.

The key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy, gratitude and appreciation. There will be a flow, a grace and an ease. It is not what you do, but how you do each moment.

The illusions of struggle, stress and strain are low frequencies, and these states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

Become aware that you hold the illusion of struggle, difficulty, and challenges; these are states of mind that are learned as part of the third dimension. They are part of the collective limitations of lack and powerlessness.

There is an awareness occurring in the consciousness of humans - that they are unlimited; they are only playing a hologame that appears to have limitation. This is an illusion.

These illusions of limitation are passed down from parent to child; they are only beliefs. These limitations are encouraged and maintained by your society; they are supported by the media, and by your leaders. Limitation is the old third dimensional paradigm.

There is an evolution of consciousness happening in the hearts and minds of more and more humans who are waking up to the realization that they are the creators of their experience.

This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self - into the awareness, and the aspect of each human becoming conscious of their lives in multiple realities.


Message 25

Illusions of Limitations

There is magic, there is alchemical power available to each starhuman who learns to ride the wave of energy that is creating all the NOW's. It is a skill, it is a game. Practice today as you go about your mundane tasks to anchor divine energy into the moment. Practice returning to your full awareness. Practice stepping out of your habitual thoughts that run your unconscious activities. Practice being fully present in the present moment.

The place to start is the heart center. When you place your awareness in your heart you will naturally dwell in the NOW. It is the mind that likes to play in the realms of past and future. It is the mind that dwells in the game of "what if" and "if only"... the game of regrets and sorrows. It is the mind that entertains fear and hatred. It is the programs of the mind that keep each multidimensional starhuman locked in the illusion of limitations.

This is the highest and grandest service you can offer others: your full divine presence, your full divine presence in the NOW. Bring your full consciousness to each moment and you will be embraced by your joy and gratitude. This joy and gratitude will bubble up from your sacred heart and radiate out to all. Then every activity, every encounter will be uplifted into the realms of light and love. You will begin to live in the sacred alchemical portal of the NOW.


Message 26

Global Shift

Humans are awakening to realize that they are not limited by their physical body. They are not limited by their beliefs of time. They are not limited. Humanity is awakening to its magnificent multidimensional expression of Divine Mind.

This dimension, this reality has had a lock-down. Your skills and abilities were being honed just to be in a physical body. There were spans of time when that experience of being physical was your focus, and the other aspects receded into the background. Now your codes are activated; you are beginning to step into your role in the divine unfoldment of the next evolution of consciousness.

The world is experiencing a global shift... More people are moving from the grid of fear, separation, and manipulation into the conscious, aware state of mind and experience - of truly owning their personal power and their personal actions as a part of the Divine whole. They are awakening... to the knowing that they are multidimensional, to acceptance of their role in the global and galactic transformation. This is accomplished by awareness of their personal power - awareness of how their actions/thoughts/words affect the whole.


Message 27

Teaching Environment

The human being is offered a multitude of possible realities in each moment, and with each decision... Give yourself the opportunity to realize that with every decision, you had the choice of a myriad of outcomes, each reality worthy of the experience. It is only your limited thinking that tells you one is better than the other.

You are beings of great contrast. This planet is a "teaching environment" of opposites. Your goal is to see the contrast and hold them both without judging or becoming polarized. It is the judging that keeps this type of energy intact - this "warring within" and "warring without." Judging holds you in its tight grip of conflict. There is no peace in the mind that judges. Peace comes when you learn to hold/ allow the contrast in the transforming alchemical energy of your heart awareness.

We offer you, as a tool, the gentle reminder to be easy with yourself, be easy with others. When you notice you are in a stance or mindset of judging, gently allow your consciousness to float above the contrast of the polarities, until you can see that they are only opposite sides of the same hand. See that they are a part of the same program unfolding. Go to your heart; hold the conflict - the contrast - there, until the energy of the heart transforms the contrast..



Message 28

Universal Matrix

We observe the busyness that humans are so skilled with. We actually marvel at the various and diverse ways that most humans use their time, energy, and focus. This is the physical reality, and the goal here is to understand, manage, and transform energy that is dense and limiting - to bring consciousness to everything.

So the highest truth, in actuality, is that any activity that the human performs offers the incredible opportunity to infuse that activity with the purest consciousness and presence. The key to that statement is "purest consciousness and presence."

It is the habit of most humans to stay in their minds and the activities of their thoughts.

They give these thoughts much of their power, they allow the mind to be in control of the energy that is moving through the body. While in their thoughts and in their mind, they respond automatically; much like a robot, they complete one task and move to the next task totally disconnected from their heart center, their feelings and their power.

It is time to develop the keen awareness that no matter what you are doing in your daily life, it is affecting the entire universal matrix. We repeat: Anything you are doing.

An example is the job of taking out the trash; this mundane activity can be a moment of divine transformation for you and for the energy grid if you bring your full divine presence into the moment and the activity. You can infuse the trash with the light in such a manner that wherever it goes it also shifts the surrounding energy of everything and everyone it touches.


Message 29

Each Dimension is Available

Being in human form is only one aspect of who you are. As a physical being focused on... this third dimension, it seems to you as if that is all that is. It feels real, looks real; yet it is only one perspective of the multidimensional aspects of what a human/being actually is. Each dimension is available to you at all times. Each is resonating at a different frequency. As more and more beings become conscious, these other realities/dimensions will begin to appear.

Your sages and wise ones have all spoken of the ability to shift from... one state of awareness to another. They have offered suggestions of prayer, meditation, fasting. Shamans and mystics have offered mind-altering herbs and ceremonies of dance and drums to bring a shift of consciousness... All these suggestions and techniques are for the important purpose of shifting your awareness - to understand that the world you view is only one small perspective of the whole.

Remember, you are a consciousness and an aspect of Divine Mind. You are multidimensional in nature and function. How the multidimensional aspect of yourself manifests depends on your belief systems, your expanded awareness, and your openness to all possibilities.



Message 30

Myriad Realities

As a multidimensional being, you are at all times operating on many levels and dimensions... We are here to encourage you and others to recognize and honor the myriad realities in which you have a presence at all times. The day-to-day aspect of a human being's life is only one small fraction of what is taking place in the matrix that they hold.

Imagine the human is like your radio; each station or frequency invites one type of music. Most people never move the dial to explore the other signals, the other connections.

The focus is limited to what that one frequency provides, what information that one frequency offers. A person who is aware of their multidimensional self is able to move the dial from one station to the other with ease. They allow for more stimulation, more information, and a broader spectrum of consciousness.

Again, we invite you to expand your awareness to include more of your multidimensional beingness. It is much easier than one might imagine. You do it often. Now, just recognize when you have shifted.



Message 31

Play With Time

Time is one of the fabrics of your earthly game. It is a veil; it keeps you in the illusion. It is wise to realize that time is created only to serve a certain aspect of physical reality.

Imagine a large moving walkway like you have in your airports; the moving walkway is time. You step into the belief of time, and it moves you, or you move with it. Now expand your vision to see the entire airport, expand to the entire parking area, expand to the planes arriving and taking off. The moving walkway is only a small aspect of the entire airport. Time, like the moving walkway, is really a very small aspect of the entire universe. 

We invite you to play with time. . . stretch it. . . mold it. See if you can grab some. Step out of time. . . step into time. Be aware of your beliefs of time and continue to expand beyond them. Be gentle with yourself. Remember the importance of laughter. Practice laughing at time. Take time to laugh. Fill your time with laughter.



Message 32

Blinking On and Off

Your reality is blinking on and off at all times. The human brain was designed to sense the "on" frequency. Just as quickly, it blinks "off," and all disappears. However, your brain registers and connects only the "on" segments, and thus you have the sense or feeling of your reality being solid. It is an illusion. It is the hologame creation.

An example of this is your movies, which are not one continuous movement that you view with your eyes. Instead, they are frames of action strung together and projected one after the other at a quick speed. The human brain connects the individual frames into one continuous movement. 

The "off" position is the space in which all creation is formed. Your highest soul self dwells in this place. It is from this place that seeming miracles are created, that synchronicities unfold, and that the wonder and magic of physical reality is formed. It is a place we invite you to begin to consciously travel. This is done by shifting your perception, shifting your focus from the seeming solidness of your daily life to the expanse of all that is holding your reality in place. This shift can be created by quieting the outer mind in mediation. . . the exercise of following your breath to the door of the stillness.



Message 33

Mold and Sculpt Energy

It is an illusion that things stay the same. Your reality is always in flux. Each moment is offered new and ready for the imprint. The conscious or even the unconscious old habits, rigid beliefs which tell the fresh new energy what it is that you expect in your given reality. Each person is actively in each moment creating the reality or the illusion of their reality in which they live and believe they exist.

The idea that you recreate your environment moment-to-moment is a bit overwhelming and certainly a challenge to a mindset which finds comfort in sameness. Ideas of this nature, causes an inner conflict between what you think you know about your reality and what is the cosmic truth about your reality.

Quantum Physics is offering insights into multi-dimensional realities. Quantum Physics is showing that energy can be a particle or a wave. Energy is imprinted by your conscious or unconscious thoughts. Each moment is fresh, awaiting your command so to speak.

There are those awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave. These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to mold and sculpt energy with more loving consciousness.



Message 34

Ride Your Breath

It is important for you and other humans who are sensitive to the subtle energy signature of others, as well as the personal interaction with other matrixes, to take the time to keep your own personal energy field clear, clean, and centered.

There is a higher level of stress and discordant energy happening on all fronts. Remember to stay in your pure calm center and radiate the vibration of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These vibrations will reflect and deflect any discordant or disturbing energy fields that you encounter. The more conscious and responsible each starhuman becomes in creating a coherent energy field within and then radiating it out to all, the greater the service to mankind.

Ride your breath. Dwell in your sacred heart space. No matter what is happening around you, no matter what energy matrix you encounter, continue to anchor and hold a pure high vibration in the midst of any discordant fearful emotions and energy signature. Ask for support from the realms of truth and light. There are beings of divine love who can and will embrace you in an energy matrix of upliftment and protection.




Message 35

Parallel Realities

Everything you experience as solid and "real" is a vibration of energy - held, or locked in place, by belief systems. If, for a moment, you could set aside all mental programs about your reality, you would experience an entirely different perspective of what you call reality.

We would like you to receive the idea that there are several realities, several outcomes, several parallel realities that could always manifest. . . You and others are broadcasting energy in the form of your thoughts, your emotions, and your beliefs at all times. As you send the energy forth, several realities are always possible. The reality that manifests is the one on which you have focused more of your energy.

You have a television in your home. Even though it is turned off at this time, you could simply activate it and there would be a program or news or movie... Your brain is much like the TV; you can switch the channels. You can find a memory of the past that invokes emotions, or you can review a channel of your worries, or you can envision and get a sense of your possible futures. We are encouraging you to. . . embrace the countless realities that are only a frequency, a vibration away.



Message 36

Blueprint or Template

All life forms on planet earth are held as a blueprint or template in the subtle realms. This energy grid, this matrix, the sacred geometry of the universe, the master pattern is held in the sixth dimension.

Each human being resides focused on planet earth in the third and four dimensions, however as a multidimensional being there are aspects of each human that also resides in the other dimensions. It is from the sixth dimension that the template of who you are in your present form is held. It is the sixth dimension which holds these master patterns.

The matrices of your reality are made up of the individual matrixes or energy grids coming together in a new form or weavings. Remember everything that exists here in form has a matrix. It is these energy fields, these matrices that form larger energy fields and hold the collective thought forms and beliefs of mass consciousness.

What you see and sense as solid and in physical form is only this matrix. It is from this matrix that all change within the human form can be made. The concept that everything is first energy vibrations before it is form has been taught by your sages and wise awake ones.

This is a message which reminds humans that they are more than just the body. They are a part of the divine unfoldment. They are multidimensional, existing on many levels and dimensions at the same time.



Message 37

Creators of Your Hologame

The truth is that the other dimensions are as close as your breath and allowing. This knowledge scares most humans. It does not fit with the learned programs. It is too strange.

The idea that the stars communicate with every cell of your physical body at all times can be a mental stretch for some. The concept that someone can hear this communication from the stars and act upon the connection is a real mental stretch.

The universe is a complex matrix. It is a weaving of energy strands of all possibilities. It is waves and it is particles depending upon the focus and the awareness of the focuser. Remember you are the creators of your hologame.

Reality, as most humans believe and sense it to be, is limited to what they can see, feel and touch. However there is a much larger universe that is available in which parallel realities exist and portals of energy can be activated or closed or shielded. Traveling dimensions is merely a shifting of one's consciousness, frequency, or vibration.

We invite you to continue to listen to spirit and the stars. We honor those who are willing to expand their sense of who they are and to recognize and allow their multidimensional aspects to be acknowledged.

Portals, matrices, energy grids, power places, star travel, parallel lives and realities, dimensional shifts - these are all juicy places to focus on and invite into your daily life.



Message 38

Electronic Frequencies

Earth is a sea of vibrations and frequencies. Mankind is skilled in creating and inventing devices in which there is an energy frequency and vibration. These waves of energy are always moving through you.

All the electrical devices in your home - every light, the phone systems, computers, the kitchen appliances all give off a frequency. The television is one of the major contributors of discordant frequencies. Most people are not aware of these frequencies. They have tuned them out; their energy field has adjusted and learned to live with them.

This planet is woven with electronic frequencies. If you had the vision to see the strands of energy connecting all the power lines, electrical devices, cell phones, televisions and microwaves you would be amazed at how tightly woven this energetic matrix truly is. It surrounds your planet in an energetic grid of discordant frequencies.

These electronic frequencies are always affecting the physical body, the mental state of mind. They are a part of the hypnotizing that takes place in this hologame. These electronic frequencies are addictive to your energy field; they hold a certain mindset in place. Be aware of these discordant frequencies and the matrix that they create. You will be less affected by discordant frequencies when you stay anchored and firm in your own personal energy field.

The solar flares, the galactic bursts of energy are surging through this shield of hypnotizing electronic frequencies, activating certain aspects of the DNA codes. These cosmic energy thrusts are a wake up call to humanity. The earth's magnetic field holds the higher integrity of the hologame in place. This is being overridden by the electronic fields.

We invite you to continue to maintain a strong energy field of love, joy and appreciation. When you vibrate these high coherent frequencies, you will not be affected by the bombardment of the planetary electronic grid. You create a cohesive field.



Message 39

Personal Matrix

We want to share the importance of recognizing and honoring your own personal matrix, your vibrational field and how it is holding and forming your daily reality.

It is from this personal matrix that the life you experience and the body expression that you experience is created.

The personal matrix is affected by all that it encounters. From the moment of conception, all the while the body is being formed in the mother's womb, there is an exchange and blending of the matrix. The family genetics are woven into the matrix; your parents' strongly held beliefs and emotions are woven into your personal matrix. The years of childhood, the experiences and encounters are woven into the personal matrix. The experiences that are painful, scary, fearful, limiting in any way are also woven in, as a blockage or tangle of your energy flow.

It is these blockages and tangles that we would like to assist each human in releasing so there is a flow once again from your divine blueprint.

Remember energy follows thought. You can begin to untangle any aspect of your personal matrix by the very thoughts that you hold and express.

Vibrational medicine works on these subtle levels to untangle and release any blockages held from past memory or even the tangles that were given at birth from the family matrix. This work that is being done by awakened beings; it is coming in many forms and ways.

Message 40

Time Is Fluid

What if time is fluid? How would that affect your day and the participation in your earthly life? Just for a moment, let us imagine that past, present, and future are all happening and shifting simultaneously. It is only your perception that places them in the rigid placement. Imagine that events in your future could shift the events from your past, which would alter your present NOW. As a multidimensional being, this is how you would and could address this concept called time.

As a human, you are engaged with time because it is one of the matrices of this planetary game. However, as a multidimensional being, you can and do step out of this earthly limited matrix of time. It is a matter of awareness and a matter of practice.

Let us plant this seed: just imagine that there could be, might be, several aspects of you existing here in the dimension of planet earth at the same time--each aspect of you living entirely different lives in different cultures, different everything. As multidimensional beings, it is actually very simple to have more than one game piece in the game at the same time. This is just an energetic stretch for your awareness. In the meantime, be in your joy; notice your thoughts; and continue to honor all your experiences, from your current perspective. The rest will follow in an easy manner.



Message 41

Reality is Much Like Water

Reality is much like water. It can change and morph into many different forms depending on the conditions and energy. It can be solid, hard as ice. It can be fluid and flowing as liquid, and it can be buoyant and light like steam. Most humans prefer to relate to their reality in its frozen state. However reality has the capabilities of shifting into several different aspects. It is still reality just as water is still water whether it is frozen, liquid, or steam.

That is just an example of how your third dimension can and does respond to your beliefs and projection, your energy signature, and your understanding of what you perceive as real and how that is manifested on the screen of this hologame.

Humans are beginning to shift their beliefs of what is real, and as they do, their reality begins to shift. They notice the shift and continue to expand their awareness to include these new perceptions. You and others are becoming conscious and aware that you are multidimensional humans. It is like stairs; with each step you have a larger vista to observe.


Message 42

Explore the Possibilities

In the dream state, all realities are accepted as real. It is in the dream state that humans experience their multidimensional self as well as their parallel selves.

Just for the moment allow yourself to consider that, since all time is simultaneous, there are parallel lives going on in tandem. The future and the past exist only because - in the three-dimensional reality on planet earth - that belief was installed upon your entry.

There are numerous other lives in which you as the wondrous celestial multidimensional starbeing are fully active and living in another timeframe and perhaps even in another dimension. These other aspects of self that are living entirely different realities and lifetimes are as active and focused in the reality in which they are living as you are in the reality in which you are living.

Most humans have such a difficult time handling the one reality - the one life they are focused on - that the idea of having more than one life going on at the same time is very overwhelming and difficult to comprehend. We say to those who feel a bit overwhelmed to gently allow themselves to explore the possibilities in a playful, lighthearted manner.



Message 43

Straddling Multi-Realities

There is always an ebb and flow between the states of consciousness. This is something that everyone is dealing with right now on your planet, the bridging of two or more different levels of consciousness or the straddling of multi-realities.

You are free to travel the other realities and dimensions. It is just a matter of where you place your attention. Remember energy follows thought. So shift your thoughts and shift your feeling nature, and you will throw off your limited beliefs, and the limited net that would keep you anchored to only one reality.

The important thing to remember is that constant interaction with others can be a distraction to the subtle ability to alter your awareness and shift your focus to the nested dimensions in which you dwell. That is why it is valuable to meditate, walk, and allow quietness and creativity to flow. It is in these places that you gently slip into another dimension. The goal that is being offered is the awareness that you are not alone and that you can easily connect with the nonphysical support systems. However, what is required of you, and anyone who seeks this connection, is to make space for it to happen.

Message 44

Ride the Wind Stream

You can observe your hawks that soar above the meadow. They move into the flow of the wind stream and are carried aloft with only a slight feather movement.

It is the human ego that has been programmed to struggle, to stray off course, to lose focus, intent and passion.

The ultimate aim of endeavor for the awakened starhuman is the knowledge that there is a divine flow or wind stream in which all things expand with ease and grace. You even have a term for this demonstration; it is called a miracle. A miracle is considered supernatural, a phenomenon, and a rarity.

When the hawk soars effortlessly on the wind stream, he does not consider it a miracle; he considers it wisdom. He knows he is one with the flow of energy and he rides it.

The wind stream is created by the vibrations that are being offered to the matrix. When individuals are holding a frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation, they move through their lives effortlessly - like the hawk soaring.

The consciousness of the universe delights in bringing results in wondrous ways. In that space, your clear intention is manifest in the quickest and easiest way possible.

If you are struggling or efforting with anything, stop and reset the vibrations you are sending to the field - if you are struggling or efforting with anything. Be a conscious monitor of your thoughts, feelings and projections.



Message 45

Swift Flowing Energy

During these times of great change on your planet, imagine there is a strong rapid moving river of energy. This dynamic and powerful energy current that is washing over your planet is moving through all aspects of life, bathing every cell and atom of the body with a frequency of transformation and evolution.

When you surrender to this rapid flowing current of transformation you move with it, you become a part of it, like a small twig that floats upon the surface of the water.

Yet if you cling to the shores of old patterns, old familiar emotions, old dysfunctional behaviors, you will be battered and will tire. If you fight the energy current or doubt its power, you will be overwhelmed.

The best and most conscious manner to deal with this incredible energy that is gifted to humanity is to bravely trust the flow and embrace the movement and changes that are taking place. Surrender into trust. Drop into a place within your being that offers you flexibility of all that is transpiring. Surrender to the flow.

There are millions who are awakening and understanding the divine manifestation. As a guardian of light you are most powerful and effective when you maintain a high frequency vibration.

You are more fully connected with divine source and guided to the places and people that are ready and willing to shift. You will offer a vibration which will trigger awareness in others, a vibration which will anchor a new expanded consciousness. You will offer a life raft to those who are willing to trust their divine natures and surrender to the essence that they are magnificent beings of divine light.



Message 46

Playing the Hologame

The third dimension is time and space, where the physical and the non-physical intersect. So imagine you are a being of Light consciousness and you decide to enter this third dimension, this game board, this hologame, this life, which has certain rules and requirements. The first rule is you must enter the game under the veil of forgetfulness, you must enter unaware that you are a divine being of Light.

Before you step into the game of third dimension you plan your strategy. You set your goals and your trials; you select the talents, strengths and abilities you will develop. These will not be totally veiled. You select which aspect of the game board of life you will participate in, the family group you will be a part of. You preset the conditions from your highest awareness and highest consciousness. All of these arrangements and conditions are taking place in non-physical pure consciousness.

Once all this has been preset, your goals and the desired experiences that you would like to collect, there is an excitement to be joining this third dimensional hologame on planet earth called life. To enter this dimension, you acquire a game piece called a physical body, which is much like a computer. You must honor the rules of the game in order to play in physical form. The game board is set in space and time and your awareness is veiled in forgetfulness.

In the beginning of the game, you believe you are the physical body. The final condition of the game is a wild card, so to speak, that no matter how well you planned or how well you preset your conditions of the game while you were in your non-physical form, this part of the game is only revealed once you have committed and taken on the physical body. These conditions, these aspects, are an unknown. They are your challenges. It is these aspects that offer the most opportunity, the most growth.

The challenges could be in the beginning, the middle, or end of your personal game. They will appear as the most difficult aspect of being in a physical body. They might be a mental, emotional, or physical challenge, or a combination of all three. They will offer you the quickest way to your preset goals.

The goal of this game is to be able to totally remove the veil of forgetfulness to your awareness of your most divine Light, magnificent Self and to laugh and celebrate knowing who you truly are.



Message 47

Personal Sovereignty

The key to experiencing the magic and miracles in your life is the level of allowing and the focused clear vibration that you are offering your reality. Since manifestation is always taking place in the lives of humans, the key to remember is to observe where you place your focus and your vibrational attention.

This observation will clearly show exactly what has been the focus and what has been the emotional vibration that has been offered by anyone into their reality. Most focus on what they "do not" want to unfold in their lives and reality, rather than focusing on the delicious unfolding of dreams and goals. To this extent, every human is creating their personal experiences and drawing to them what they hold in their vibrational field.

The mass conscious grid holds the patterns of fear, worry, stress, and powerlessness. It is the evolution of each human to recognize that this grid does not belong to them. This grid of limitation, of fear, of mistrust and powerlessness is part of the matrix of the planetary hologame, simply that.

Once the individual human recognizes this illusion, these programmed beliefs, they can certainly and consciously make a shift to create and allow a different result. Each human is a multidimensional starbeing with the incredible ability which molds and sculpts their very existence.

In this hologame on your planet, humans have been taught they are at the effect of events; they do not have the ability or the skills to shift their lot in life. They are taught to vibrate, hold the pattern and hold the thoughts/emotions of unworthiness, impotence, lack and fear.

Humans are rarely taught or made aware of their incredible authority, their omnipotence, their personal power to bring into reality and manifest their highest vision and dream.

This is changing, this is shifting, this is the evolution of the human spirit awakening. Everyone is experiencing this change and this shift in how they view their reality. One by one each human is claiming their mastery, claiming their authority and stepping into their personal sovereignty

They are recognizing the truth that they are responsible, they hold the power to make an incredible difference in what they experience in the day-to-day unfolding in their lives. Joy, gratitude and appreciation are the keys to this power. It is all vibrations.




Message 48


Humans are being invited to recognize, accept and honor their multidimensional selves.

It does not serve you or others to continue playing at a low vibration and frequency. It might be familiar and it is certainly a habit well learned, however every human is being pressed to expand into their own magnificence.

Humanity is being confronted with all issues and all the patterns of limited thought and action. This is occurring on the personal scale and the global scale.

Each individual starhuman is facing their believed limitation. Each individual starhuman is facing their patterns, habits, shadows and demons. These habits and patterns are being magnified to the level of extreme discomfort. There is a belief that growth only comes through discomfort or pain.

The energy that is being radiating from the galaxy and bathing humanity is a high vibration; this energy is stirring up all that is a low, dense, slow frequency.

You personally, and humanity at large, have the opportunity to observe where you are holding limited thought patterns and emotional defensive patterns that are vibrating at the low, dense, slow frequencies. When your physical, mental, and emotional states are uncomfortable, that is a red flag, a sign post that is your celestial self pointing the finger to where there is resistance and an energetic blockage. Release these old patterns of limitation in thoughts and feelings.

You have the assistance and support from the realms of truth, love and Light. It is your responsibility to ask for this assistance. Honor yourself and make the conscious shift into positive patterns of unlimited flow.

It depends on your level of discomfort and pain and how long you will continue to allow yourself to experience this restricted flow of divine energy. It is your resistance that is causing your pain. WAKE UP. Your playing small does not serve the higher good.

Use consciousness raising tools to make the shift in your energy signature. There is much to do to transform and uplift mass consciousness into the realms of truth. Each human must realize that they hold a key piece in this transformation and that it is their responsibly to release all that limits them at the personal level.

One by one, humanity will begin to vibrate at a pure frequency of LOVE. Each human has a part to play. Each human has certain limited patterns and painful experiences only they can transform. Love yourself free of imagined limitation. Learn to reside in your holy heart, holding steady a vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.




Message 49

Multidimensional Sovereignty

Each moment is an incredible event, yet humans fall into the complacent vibration of sameness, numb to the wonders, magic and synchronicity of their lives. Each moment is a personal connection with the divine.

When you stay in the present moment, conscious in your own magnificence, viewing events with joy, gratitude and appreciation there is a flow, a connection to the higher matrix, the divine weaving, in which all things are possible. It is through the heart portal that this higher matrix is available.

Gratitude opens the channel and you step into each NOW fresh and new. Humans have a tendency to bring the past into each NOW and that shifts the dynamics. The past will only recreate itself, slightly different in frequency, but a reflection of the same.

Each NOW that is honored offers the threshold, the gateway, the portal to your divine manifesting, your divine flow in which grace is your companion. In this state of grace you are offering the collective a pure frequency that transforms everything it touches.

The hearts and minds of the earth dweller are awakening. This reality, this hologame, is a dense energy matrix woven in such a manner that it keeps you engaged, focused, and addicted. Imagine, that the hologame you call your life which keeps you locked into a certain mindsets and actions, is only one program. This hologame is like one of your television programs.

Part of your service is being actively engaged in this hologame which is all about the transformation of energy. Each moment offers the opportunity for the conscious release of any limiting thoughts or emotions. When the discordant vibrations of thought or emotions are held in the space and consciousness of the heart, transformation happens.

The hearts of many humans are energetically shut down, because of the emotions stored in the heart. The personal pains of rejection, abandonment, betrayal, or the loss of loved ones can be changed. It is the conscious willingness that allows this to occur. Each time a discordant emotion is shifted to a more loving or understanding vibration, it can be offered as a gift to the collective.

When the energetic and conscious work is been done to release any personal regrets, past sorrows, or old emotional memories held in the heart, the heart is healed and becomes a true chalice of transformation.

Practice powerful alchemical exercises. In a dedicated moment, imagine some aspect of the collective pain; breath it into your heart and breathe it out transformed. Stay in your heart and in the NOW offering both your joy and gratitude from the awareness of your multidimensional sovereignty.



Message 50

Collective Shadow

Great changes are occurring. Some are subtle, others occur as a loud struggle. You can observe these different aspects around the world.

There are tremendous challenges and frequencies of hatred, fear and chaos. A large section of humanity is numb, too sensitive to handle the intense frequency of devastation and deception. They feel helpless, unaware of their true power.

Now a wellspring of conscious beings is stepping into true power, aware that they can and do make a difference.

Remember that the shadow of humanity dwells in the consciousness of each person. This shadow aspect of one's self is pushed down, denied and projected. No one wants to think of themselves as prejudiced, judgmental, hate filled, or angry.

No one wants to believe that they could kill another or cause suffering and pain. Yet these very frequencies dwell energetically in the hidden recesses of everyone's psyche to some degree. These qualities of behavior have been
programmed, patterned and are activated by fear.

When fear rises up, all these suppressed emotional behaviors are activated. Then there is the illusion of justification in judging another, mocking another, killing another. The shadow of oneself is to be loved free. The insecurities, the preprogrammed beliefs of differences, the collective dysfunction is being pushed to the surface of the collective matrix.

Those who are aware, awakening, and embracing their shadowselves, are conscious that they are multidimensional beings living in this programmed illusion. They are disconnecting the circuits that trigger the shadow emotions.

They take personal responsibility for the creation of their experiences. When the experience is unpleasant they look within for the cause rather than project the experience or the blame outward.

This evolution of consciousness is swelling, touching the hearts and minds of many. Those who read these words understand and are awakening from the pattern.



Message 51

Addictive Emotions

We want to remind you of the importance of maintaining the emotions of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

These are challenging times upon your planet. As an agent of change, a being of Light, you and all others will be most effective in bringing about transformation and change by holding a clear, pure vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

It is important for your well-being, your health, and your ability to connect with your Divine Essence. It is important to recognize when you are vibrating at a low, dense, heavy emotion of fear, anger, sadness, frustration and worry, in order to shift that reality as quickly as possible. It is important for you to make this shift in each moment.

Remember, when you are operating at the frequency of these low, dense emotions, you are automatically plugged into the mass consciousness grid that matches these feelings.

When you allow your emotions to match the mass consciousness grid, you can easily be discouraged and swept away with a sense of being overwhelmed when vibrating at these low frequencies. These dense emotions are the most familiar to you and the easiest to fall into. They are the most prevalent vibrations on earth.

There is an addictive nature to these emotions. The body/brain recognizes the chemical reaction within and this triggers old mental programs, old past experiences, and hurts. Every aspect of your system becomes engaged, with all defensives activated. You are on automatic, easily manipulated by current events.

You are linked to the mass grid/matrix of fear, anger, guilt, worry, frustration, and a feeling of powerlessness. These emotions are holding the evolution of your planet in a lock down. There are those invested in keeping mass consciousness in these easily manipulated states of emotions.

In this game of evolution, this game of transformation, the most valuable skill is the mastery of evoking, sustaining and maintaining high emotional vibrations of joy, gratitude, and appreciation, as well as love. They are your power. Find and focus on the smallest things in your life that you can appreciate and express your gratitude for.


Message 52

Emotional Addictions

Everyone has their own set of unconscious programs in which they automatically respond to the events in their lives.

Look at your life and ask yourself what emotion or behavior you might be addicted to. Are you attached to drama? Are you playing out a victim or martyr role? Are you attached to a state of mind in which nothing works? Are you holding on to financial limitations?

Observe without judgment everything in your reality. Take an aspect of your life and look at the pattern from the intention of understanding and releasing. Ask yourself if there was an emotional addiction, what would it be? Know that in the asking the answer will be revealed.

Once you have observed your dysfunctional addictions, it is now a matter of intention and celebration to shift that pattern at every opportunity. It becomes a playful, conscious game of discovery and expansion. We are in a time of great accelerating transformation in which these automatic responses can be discovered, disconnected and deleted.

All multidimensional humans are being invited into the awareness of who they are and the service they offer from their most magnificent self.

Observe the challenges being attracted into your life. These challenges are your greatest gift, for they hold the key, the puzzle piece, to your dysfunctional programs and patterns. With clear intent and gentle observation of ego self, notice and recognize the limiting patterns. Is it your health, wealth, happiness or joy that you are limiting?

Be kind with this search. Ask assistance from your multidimensional awareness; know you are being supported in the clearing of these limitations and the restoring of your true cosmic magnificence.

You are one with the energy fabric of humanity and the universe. When you heal or transform some energy pattern in your circuits, this transformation is available to the entire matrix. You are a transformer.



Message 53


Many humans believe that this third dimension reality is all that there is. Most are born, live and die totally unaware of the multitude of realities that they move through each day.

Life is a hologame. The experience you have while in your physical body is only one aspect of who you are. This aspect is important because it offers the opportunity to experience duality, positive and negative. Duality is generated from ego. In the illusion of separation, it is duality which acts as anchor to this illusionary reality. Duality creates the struggle, and the struggle keeps the individual in a level of denseness, in which the ego rules.

Imagine that your ego is only your manager--not the owner, just the manager. However, like most managers, after years of caring for and making all the decisions based on duality your manager/ego believes it is in charge. Now the owner (your divine awareness) returns and wants to run the business (your life), but the ego does not want to lose its control.

Many individuals struggle between the ego self and the higher, aware self. This might be the entire experience of their lifetime --this power struggle between the two. The higher, aware self is gently, lovingly, merging with the aspect you call ego. This is the evolution taking place on your planet, the total merging of the aware multidimensional self fully embodied in physical form, aware of anchoring total balance in the field of duality.

It is in the energy field of balance within that you can become aware of the numerous realities and dimensions in which you travel and dwell. This life is only one of them.

Most of your time is spent in the struggle of duality and all the emotional, mental, and physical aspects that this belief creates. This is busy work, it is polishing the stone. It is the learning.

There comes a time in your growth, your development, your evolution in which you realize it is you and you alone who creates the belief in struggle. When that awareness come to you, the shift, the transformation, and the growth is tremendous.



Message 54

Ego Manager part II

The ego keeps you focused in the third dimension. As you become aware of this, you acknowledge the ego role, which has been the manager of your life. However, YOU, the multidimensional self, now have a very active part, an evolved, conscious, active part.

As your multidimensional aspect becomes fully present in your awareness, you gradually realize and recognize that you can move and experience many realities, timeframes and dimensions with ease and delight.

This is the great and grand awakening that is happening upon your planet. More and more beings are becoming aware of the many levels, layers, and realities in which they interface and affect in each moment.

These dimensions overlap and interact. They are woven into the fabric of all. As a multidimensional being, these dimensions, energy fields, and matrices are very real and very visible. It is much like awakening from a dream.

While in a dream, you believe it is real. Yet when you awaken, you observe that it is a dream. You are now awakening from your dream into the multi-dimensions in which your true self dwells and plays.

It is an energy field in which thoughts manifest instantly. It is a reality in which you can travel to any timeframe, any hologame you can imagine. It is a reality that is fluid.

Begin this day being conscious of at least one other reality. Allow yourself to come to the still point within, the balance place within, and then allow yourself to observe what you sense or feel. Relax into this process of discovery.

Like a child's game of hide and seek, begin to be aware of the other realities that have appeared hidden. Notice your beliefs about your physical reality, soften them when they are discovered, and allow other realities, other energy fields, to become visible.

There are energies all around you at all times that you can become sensitive to and interact with from a conscious, multidimensional state of being. Practice this.




Message 55


When the human experiences fear... they drop into a place where they are operating on automatic.

It is "fear" that allows a human to be manipulated... be it fear of the dentist or fear of death or fear evoked by the evening news. It is in that place of unconsciousness... that mental place of operating on automatic that the mass populace usually vibrates. Fear is the key that triggers imbalanced and unconscious patterns.

Notice when you fear something you are becoming powerless. You are easy to manipulate. You disconnect with your Source. You dropped into unconscious behavior. Fear is the key that unlocked that door. Fear triggers your personal insecurities. Be ever diligent... be ever aware... watch closely what experiences... what thoughts... what images... what words trigger your personal fear.

Be aware of the ways that you divert your feeling of fear... the ways you distract yourself... notice the tools you have learned to keep the feelings or vibrations of fear at an unconscious distance

When you experience "fear" in the moment... grab it before it hides... expose it... express it and love it free. "Fear" keeps you from staying in the NOW.

So when you recognize your personal "fears"... deactivate them. You can use your tools of sound... of expression... of sharing... of exploring why the "fear" is there. Where did it come from? How long have you hid it? You can process your "fear" lovingly, consciously, and as you do, you are more available to yourself... you are more available to others. You are more connected to your Source.




Message 56

Energy Matrix

Humans rarely stay fully present in this physical dimension, they move from one dimension and time frame to another.When they move from one dimension or timeframe to another, they leave an energy trail, a trace or their scent of emotional vibration.

Children are able to shift their awareness from one dimension to another rather quickly. They are not aware they are leaving the physical body. They just naturally travel. They are especially adept at leaving any uncomfortable life situation.

When they leave an uncomfortable situation, they bring an energy trace of those feelings of abuse or trauma with them and they implant those uncomfortable feelings, these emotional vibrations in the other dimension or timeframe.

So many life traumas and family dynamics leave an energy trace which textures or colors the energy of the timeframe or dimension in which they were carried out. Let us use this example to give you a clear picture and explain this. Imagine a large house with many rooms; each room is a different dimension. If a child has a trauma or experiences some physical, mental or emotional pain, they have a tendency to remove their awareness or consciousness.

Let us use this example to give you a clear picture and explain this. Imagine a large house with many rooms; each room is a different dimension. If a child has a trauma or experiences some physical, mental or emotional pain, they have a tendency to remove their awareness or consciousness.

They take themselves to a different dimension. So, in this imaginary example of each room being a different dimension, they leave an energy trail. They might store the painful experience or perceived trauma in the back bedroom or the basement or attic.

As an adult, when you are processing your past pain, you must journey from one room to another, releasing the painful trauma, or you must journey from one dimension to another and untangle and release the emotional/mental constructs placed there.

Some traumas are difficult to resolve and release because the person keeps going to the wrong room or wrong dimension to find the source or the seed vibrations of the emotional/mental painful memory and experience.

Use your imagination or visualization to sense or feel the energy trail you might have left in a different timeframe or dimension. Your awareness is your freedom. When you discover these emotional trails, these energy trails, you can gently, lovingly reclaim them and transform the painful energy pattern you left behind.

This type of healing transforms and uplifts you as well as the whole. There are healers from many different timeframes/dimensions that are here to serve and assist the willing ones to do this service work.




Message 57

Shadow Shapes

The physical reality in which you are embodied has much beauty and wonder. It offers the opportunities to express gratitude and appreciation. From our perspective your physical reality is patterns of light vibrations. Humans have the physical equipment that allows them to see and observe the patterns of light vibrations as solid.

This is called the "illusion". You see the tree outside your window--it appears solid. You could climb this tree in its solidness. You are well aware of the accumulation of leaves which drop from this tree. They are also solid. They have form, texture, shape, and weight. If you cut this tree down, the wood that you could burn would provide warmth. It is a solid, dense, very slow vibrational energy.

The vibrational patterns, the template, the design of this tree are all held in place on the sixth dimension. Remember as a child when you would make shadow shapes upon the wall with the light? It is similar to that concept. Your fingers created the shape of the dog or bird and the light behind your hand created the shadow on the wall.

The physical realities that feel solid and appear real in the third and fourth dimensions are held in place by the reflection of divine intent in the sixth dimension. Remember everything, everything is vibration.

Just as there are vibrations of sound that are vibrating too fast or too slow for your ears to hear, there are light vibrational patterns that are moving so fast your eyes cannot see the vibrations.

Spirit embodied in the human form is restricted by beliefs in limitations. The human body was designed to operate, maneuver and manage the energetic signatures of the third and fourth dimensions.

Spirit, divine mind, your multidimensional self, has waited for you to become aware and dwell in your expanded consciousness, anchored in the physical realms.

A multidimensional human has the capacity to see and sense the shadow shapes on the wall as well as seeing and sensing the hand that is making the pattern and the awareness that they are the light which shines on the hand that makes the shadow.

This elevated awareness allows you to either shift the light or change the patterns or shadow shapes that the hand is making.

There will come a time you will see the tree, and see the energy vibrations resonating from the tree and sense how the tree is touching and weaving into your matrix. This awareness will expand to include the stars.




Message 58

Mind computer

We remind you that your mind is not who you are. You are Divine Essence.

Your mind is a tool, an awesome tool which allows you to interface with this reality, yet it is only a tool. Become aware of your mind from the place of observer. It is the observer within who appreciates the sunrise, or thrills at the deer running across the meadow.

The mind is a valuable, necessary aspect of operating in this reality. Your mind is one of the most highly developed computers, capable of incredible tasks, with huge capacity for memory and programs.

This mind computer usually operates on automatic. It will respond from any given program in the system which protects and maintains the well-being and survival of the human. These automatic programs have been installed into your thinking and belief system by others, by our parents, your teachers, and your society.

These programs or beliefs are installed on an emotional frequency and are activated by that same or similar frequency. Once your programs or beliefs have been triggered, the body/chemicals/reaction all responds.

You are now once again engaged in the same or similar response. These similar responses are activated from a place of fear; fear of loss, fear of rejection, fear of harm, fear of death.

Recognize you are awakening and becoming aware that you are more than your mind, your thoughts, and your beliefs. You are more than even your ego.



Message 59

Mind Computer Part II

Many, many humans never realize that they are more than their minds. They are on automatic. They are born, the emotional programs within are installed, and they never question their beliefs or their reactions to these programs. They believe it is their behavior. It is just who they are.

These beings are easily manipulated and controlled, especially by the media, the movies, and games of violence. The body becomes addicted to the chemicals produced when the human is frightened or excited or stimulated in some way.

NOW, at this time, there are those of you who are awakening and becoming conscious.

A human who is conscious uses the incredible abilities of the mind to create new ways of being, new ways of seeing this reality, and new ways of responding to reality.

Here is the tricky part: the old patterns are woven deep into the matrix of society. They are an aspect of mass consciousness. They are strong in their frequency, and are skilled triggers that activate limiting, fearful beliefs and a sense of powerlessness.

It is a moment-to-moment process of staying awake and aware to lift one's vibrational frequency, which stops the automatic responses.

We offer you the reminder to raise your frequency. Your emotions are the key. When you vibrate the frequency of joy, gratitude, and appreciation as well as the master frequency of love, you are in a state of wakeful consciousness. You are heart connected. You are connected to the open channel of guidance and inspiration. You attract and allow more positive life giving energy into your field.


Message 60

Emotions are a Frequency

What is happening to the mass consciousness on your planet is that the minds and hearts of everyone are being bathed with unprecedented energy from the galaxy - from the sun, moon and stars.

This energy is triggering the DNA codes, calling individuals to awaken from their unconscious slumber and step fully into their magnificence as beings capable of transforming the denseness of the personal and collective fear.

It is important for each being to train their self; to lift themselves up into the higher emotional vibrations, to reach for feelings of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These emotions will be your life raft, your buffer, your shield and your safety in times to come.

We encourage you that no matter what --we repeat, that no matter what is happening in the outside world--that you will be wise to maintain an open, expanded state of mind.

The emotions of joy, gratitude, and appreciation will actually buffer and protect you. They will lift you up above the events that are unfolding on your planet. Maintaining a high vibration will be a key to the connection that others will need to link up with.

Your planet is undergoing an evolutionary shift, and the old dense energy--the dense, heavy vibrations of fear, anger, and powerlessness... is being pushed to the surface in all situations, from the individual as well as the collective.

Remember, no one is responsible for how you feel. It is your responsibility as a divine agent of change. Each individual is responsible for the emotions that they offer to the collective.

Do all that is within your power to shift your feelings, one vibration, one frequency, one thought and one emotion at a time. When you offer an energy field of joy, gratitude and appreciation you are open to your internal divine guidance.

You are vibrating at a pure, high frequency above the chaos and you will inspire others to match the frequency you resonate.



Message 61


Humans are multidimensional... humans are coded to many realities. Each human has "codes" in their DNA that are dormant... not activated.

Much like a baby who is born with the seeds of their own offspring within... those seeds are dormant until the baby has matured in age and certain hormonal changes within the physical body has taken place... then the 'seeds of reproduction' are ready. The human being is "coded" for various stages of development to happen at certain times... most everyone is aware of the physical changes that take place from baby to adult.

What remains much a mystery to your scientists are the triggers that tell the physical body to begin a certain stage of development. What aspect of the physical body is responsible for the stages of growth, development and

It is the DNA that carries the "code triggers" that activate each stage. The DNA is the entire operating program of the human.

Humanity is in the process of an evolutionary shift. The dormant codes in the DNA are being switched on... this is activating a new level of knowing within each person.



Message 62

DNA part II

The main DNA codes that are being triggered at this time within humanity are the awareness and the total sensation of oneness with all.

As more humans are awakening from the numb unconscious illusion of powerlessness and fear... the world is experiencing a global shift.

People are moving from the grid of fear, separation and manipulation into the conscious state of mind, owning their personal power and responsibility in the global and galactic transformation as a part of the divine whole as a multidimensional being.

FEAR, frustration and stress keep the DNA from expanding and the strands from unwinding. These emotions cause the DNA to switch off, then the information these codes carry are unavailable.

The key is the awareness of how your energy/actions/thoughts/words affect the whole. Holding a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation allows the DNA to relax and open. As more humans recognize truth... it begins to trigger other "sleepers" to awaken.

There are great forces at work here... humanity is linked to the stars and beyond.

Humans are awakening to their roles and responsibility of this planet... your earth.

Humans are awakening to their role and responsibility of being galactic citizens.


Message 63

DNA part III

Your DNA is interactive with your thoughts/emotions/ beliefs. Your DNA is interactive with others. Your DNA is interactive with the energy of the universe.

Galactic power surges, solar flares, vibrating a pure frequency of joy/gratitude/ appreciation all contribute to the triggering... the switching on of more and more of the dormant aspects of your DNA.

Human beings are made up of complex fields of energy...all interweaving, moving, shifting and changing moment-to-moment.

These energy fields interact with other humans beyond words or consciousness. More is shared and communicated on the subtle energy grids of each person than words spoken. When two people come together there is a total interface... a mixing as it were of the energy fields of each one... volumes of information is available to both.

As the DNA codes and programs are activated... this awareness of being in more than one reality at any moment will become the norm.

Humans are realizing they are multidimensional. They are interactive in other realities. They are more magnificent than they can ever imagine. They can read emotional history and experiences in one in breath. They can process data and information on another level while staying focused on this reality and dimension.



Message 64

Heart Portal

The heart is the thinking organ of your human form, it is truly in command. The energetic field of the heart matrix is far stronger and more expanded than that of the energetic matrix of the brain. Your mentors and avatars have been teaching this for lifetimes.

Human beings long ago learned to close or protect their heart circuit. This is the main dysfunction on your planet and the main source of dis-ease.

When the heart circuit is protected there is an energetic loop. There is a thought shield that filters or monitors the coming in or the going out of energy in a more guarded manner. The human being has allowed the brain, the programs, and beliefs to monitor and guard the heart center. These programs/beliefs close and numb your responses to the messages and guidance coming from and going to this heart center.

These beliefs about protecting the heart center are passed down energetically from parents to child. A child learns from the unspoken as well as the spoken messages about being hurt, or loving freely and easily, what feels safe or unsafe, who to trust or not trust.

There are the wounds passed down from generation to generation. There are the wounds within the family dynamics of this lifetime. There are the wounds that each human being has personally experienced while in this embodiment.

The heart center is your portal. It is your gate. It is important for humanity to begin to heal the wounds that their heart carries. It is essential to healing the planet, one heart beat at a time, one human being at a time.

This is the responsibility for each and every person on the personal level, genetic level and global level, to heal the wounded patterns within the heart matrix. Humanity is stepping into an entirely new paradigm in which the thinking heart will be the honored, whole, and connected to the other heart matrices.

The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the stars, allowing the energy to flow from divine source out into your reality.

The important tools in healing and harmonizing your heart portal are the vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart center/heart portal to heal from all the wounds carried.

It is the service work each human being is asked to give for the wholeness and healing of the heart center of humanity, for when human beings live from an open and healed heart they know and feel their connected with each other.



Message 65

Struggle Verses Flow

One of the important masteries and skills you bring to all your experiences while embodied is how fully conscious you are in each NOW.

It does not matter what you are doing or with whom you are doing it, the key is to be in the moment, fully filled with your joy, gratitude, and appreciation. It is not what you do but how you do each moment.

Everyone longs to discover the place of harmony and the gentle flow of events. When you experience struggle and stress this adds a level of disharmony to the activity and the seeming chaos. Once the energy dynamics of struggle and stress are engaged it takes conscious skill to change and transform the pattern.

The belief that everything is a struggle, a challenge, a strain is strong in mass consciousness. This is an illusion and a learned pattern.

There is a mental state of mind and an emotional state of being in which we invite you to maintain. When your awareness is in the present moment of NOW and you are holding an energetic stance of a high vibration, no matter what you are doing, there will be a flow, a grace, and an ease.

The illusion of struggle, stress and strain creates low frequencies. These states of mind vibrate/radiate in the third dimension. They are a part of the matrix of lock-down.

Many humans are aware they are multidimensional beings playing in a hologame here on planet earth. This hologame board offers the illusion of limitations.

The illusion of limitations is strong, it is well maintained, and it is encouraged and enforced by the media, the leaders, and the old third dimensional paradigm.

The beliefs of limitation are given to each human upon arrival by parents and society. Many humans never question or discover that they are truly powerful creators. They exist and live their lives with a poverty of consciousness.

There is an evolution, a transmutation that is happening in the hearts and minds of scores of humans. This evolution of consciousness expands into the truth of the unlimited self, aware of their lives in multi-realities.

The awareness of staying in a high vibration of joy, gratitude and appreciation allows you to stay in the fifth dimension where synchronicities, miracles, and divine connection allow for a graceful flow of events and activities to take place. Practice these skills today and notice how events unfold with more fluidity and less struggle.




Message 66

Portal of Now

We actually marvel at the busyness and various and diverse ways humans use their time, energy and focus. In this physical reality the goal is to understand, manage and transform energy that is dense and limiting, to bring the purest consciousness to everything.

Most humans perform their tasks and activities mentally absent from the action. They are thinking of something else. Their mind is traveling to the past and to the future. Rarely do they stay fully present in the NOW.

This is especially true of mundane tasks, repeated over and over, day in and day out. There is an automatic behavior that performs the task and the human is not fully aware or conscious of the energy or any difference in the grid or field. By not being fully in the NOW they don't bring their consciousness of light to the moment.

Most humans stay in the activities of the mind. They allow the mind free rein of the day and the energy that flows through the body. They are spendthrifts in regards to the divine transformational energy that is given upon each breath, unaware of the power they have to shift any activity they are involved with.

They complete one task in order to complete another, like a duty totally absent of any feeling or heart connection. It is time to develop the keen awareness that no matter what you are doing in your daily life, it is affecting the entire universal matrix. We repeat--anything you are doing affects the matrix.

The mundane task of paying your bills can be a moment of divine transformation for you and for the energy grid, if you bring your full presence into the activity. You can infuse this simple action with your light and your blessings with such intent that it will be felt by others involved in the process.

Step into the sacred awareness that you have the power to infuse toxic, low vibrations with uplifting, transforming cosmic vibrations at all times. Practice bringing this incredible divine light into everything that you do.

The more you bring your consciousness into the NOW and stay in your heart frequency, the quicker your reality will shift and transform. It is the dwelling on the past and the projecting into the future that keeps you from dancing in the NOW.

The NOW moment is where the power is. The NOW moment is a place of sacred balance. The NOW moment offers a clear, pure portal for manifestation.




Message 67

Now is a Portal

Remember "Be here NOW." NOW is a Portal. It is one thing to have this as a concept, an interesting awareness in the mind and it is another thing to practice it moment to moment.

One aspect of your planetary matrix and planetary hologame includes the belief about time. Time only exists because you think it does. You allow time to rule and control your life. Time is fluid and flexible and acts according to your beliefs.

Your personal programming and the program of the hologame make time solid and gives time the illusion of being real. This concept is a difficult one to comprehend especially when you are coming from the lock-down matrix of this "timeframe."

Much stress comes from projecting your consciousness into the future, energizing it with worry, concerns, and fears. Holding onto it and dragging it into every NOW. In this hologame it is important to plan, however once the plan is in place, let it go. Ask yourself often, am I in the NOW or in the past or the future? Observe and watch where you place your attention.

Remember, if your thoughts are always comparing the past to the NOW, you are still in the memories of the past, you are not fully present in the fresh new moment. Often you flavor your NOW with worries of the future, again this shifts the moment.

The NOW is your point of power where you create anew. In the present moment you can make clear intentions, and hold a clear vision of a future event. You are setting the framework and planning for a future outcome. This is good work. Once that is complete, release it, allow and trust your creative intent to bring you the results of your clear vision.

With conscious awareness you can stay in your NOW and from the NOW plan or schedule appointments or events. Once you have arranged for that future event release the energy and return your focus to the new NOW and its tasks. So just relax, and practice returning your awareness to the Now as often as possible.

By staying in the present moment, you will become aware that each NOW is a timeless portal. You will gently begin to notice time will shift for you. It will stretch, it will wrinkle, it will fold and it will disappear.




Message 68

Fully in the NOW

This is your key... in all your activities and projects and mundane tasks, practice bringing your full consciousness to the moment.

Allow all your senses to be involved: the sights, the smells, the textures. There will come a moment when you are dancing with each NOW that you will realize the translucent quality of staying fully in the present moment.

There is magic, an alchemical power available to each starhuman who learns to ride the wave of energy that is creating all the NOW's. It is a skill, it is a game, and it is an invitation.

Practice today as you go about your mundane tasks to anchor divine energy into the moment. Practice returning to your full awareness. Practice stepping out of your habitual thoughts that run your unconscious activities, practice being fully in the present moment.

The place to start is the heart center. When you place your awareness in your heart you will naturally dwell in the NOW.

It is the mind that likes to play in the realms of past and future. It is the mind that dwells in the game of what if's and if only's, of regrets and sorrows. It is the mind that entertains fear and hatred. It is the programs of the mind that keeps each multidimensional starhuman locked in the illusion of limitations.

This is the highest and grandest service you can offer others. It is your full divine presence. It is your full divine presence in the NOW.

There is no time! Time is a part of this hologame, part of this illusion, and time is a function of the mind. Time keeps you locked out of the NOW.

By practicing staying in the NOW, you step out of the illusion of time. It is a learned skill and it is much easier than you would imagine. Remember, any experience when you felt total joy and overwhelming gratitude, you were fully in the NOW.

Bring your full consciousness to each moment and you will be embraced by your joy and gratitude. This joy and gratitude will bubble up from your sacred heart and radiate out to all. Then every activity and every encounter will be uplifted into the realms of light and love. You will begin to live in the sacred alchemical portal of the NOW.




Message 69

Artificial Frequencies

It is important to remain consciously connected to this planet. Your earth has a magnetic field, rhythm and frequency which have a significant affect on your personal well-being, wholeness, health and balance.

In the past humans lived closer to the earth and the rhythms. They lived out-of-doors, slept on the ground, farmed the lands, hunted and walked touching the soil. This way of living offered a deep sense of belonging and connectedness to the resonance and vibrations of the planet. Your society at this time is less likely to experience this deep connection with the earth.

Most of the population lives in a world of man-made concrete and asphalt. They are born into a home that is surrounded by buildings. Those in the cities can go days, weeks, months and even lifetimes without a real connection to the earth.

Humans are not connected in a healthy way to the vibrational field of earth. People surround themselves with artificial, discordant vibrations created by man. Everything in your home has a vibration no matter how solid it feels to your touch or seems to your eyes, it is vibrating slowly perhaps, but it is vibrating. These surroundings in the workplace or the home do not support your balance and well-being.

Add another layer to this artificially created matrix--the electronic frequencies from all your appliances, TV, computers, telephones, refrigerators. These are the discordant man-made energy frequencies in which most people live.

Alarmingly, these high frequency energetic grids are increasing and as they do, the populace becomes more chaotic, unbalanced, unwell, and dis-eased.

The personal energy or matrix of the human is sensitive to these energetic grids, these electronic frequencies which are passing through their tissues and their bones, affecting their state of mind, their health, their sense of wholeness and balance.

We invite you to make it a conscious practice to connect with the healing, whole energetic matrix of nature, and what it offers in balance and freshness to your energy. The cohesive frequencies of nature, the vibrations of living trees, plants, stones, lakes, oceans are like whole, alive food to the human energetic field.

If you live in the city you will need to be more creative. Bring living plants into the space, the caring for these living plants offer a simple method to balance the artificial frequencies. Make it a point to find a park or some form of nature and spend time there. This allows your energy body to discharge any unwanted stale energy and to be replenished with a more cohesive, whole, alive, healthy vibration.

You can also sing, move, stretch, dance, look at the beauty of the day and create a flow of joy and gratitude in your personal field.




Message 70

One Vibrational Field

Your human form is only one aspect of who you are. As a human focused in and on this third dimension, it feels real, looks real, yet it is only one perceptive of the multidimensional aspect of the starhuman.

Each dimension is always available, resonating at a different frequency. When starhumans become conscious, other realities and dimensions appear.

Your astronomers continue to discover new planets beyond your known solar system. This is an example that humanity has raised its consciousness enough to allow these planets to be visible, much like the knowledge of quantum physics and the incredible awareness of energy within the smallest particles, affecting and being effected by our thoughts.

Let's use your human body as an example of the multidimensional levels. You have a dense physical form--the shape, height and weight of your body is what you see reflected in a mirror. But, this is only the outer appearance.

Within the human form are entire galaxies, entire systems, and entire energy fields. Each of these systems functions automatically below your conscious awareness, much like the multidimensional realities outside your body. You are affecting both the inner dimensions within your physical body and the outer dimensions of your reality.

Everything is a reflection. "As Within, So Without. As Above, So Below." This is a true statement by your Einstein.

The nucleus of the atom spins within the cell; it is quantum physics in action. Your thoughts and emotions affect the spin, just as thoughts and emotions of mass consciousness effect the spin of your planet and the stars; the spin of the planet and the stars affect the spin of the atoms within your cells. This is one energetic vibrational field of incredible variations and combinations.

Hold the perspective that you are always operating at a multidimensional level within your human form and outside your human form. Allow yourself to become aware of these other realities and dimensions.




Message 71

Living as One Cell

Consider the awareness of your multidimensionality. You are here in a hologame on planet earth, responsible for the physical vehicle in which you dwell, confined by beliefs of the limitations of this reality. You are also connected to the galaxy and respond to the energy matrix offered.

You are able to read the energy of another being, taking in data and interfacing with other beings at all times; exchanging information, ideas, and weavings of energy. You travel through time in a moment--returning to the past, zooming to the future, however, you only touch the time line briefly and usually you touch it with regret or worry.

You have the ability to step into any hologame and experience that reality, with all its taste, smells, feelings and sights, and "live" it so to speak. However, in this current third dimension reality you have mimicked this multidimensional ability with the movies and television.

Use the example of the physical body as a metaphor. Image that within the body, this physical life you are now focused on, your dimension of awareness is only "one cell". Your life, your "NOW" is only one cell. Yet you and the others you interact with are truly multidimensional. The multidimensional self creates, nurtures, and sustains the whole in a very complex, delicate balance.

You as the "one cell" are not aware of all the other tasks or other realities the total body participates in. There is the reality of the bones, the reality of skin, the reality of the heart, the liver, the circulation system--these are all just aspects of the multidimensional reality of the body. There is the brain, the thoughts, the feelings, the memories and on and on. Yet the one cell awareness is not fully conscious of all that continues to take place.

This human life is your focus, yet it is only one cell of your total magnificent multidimensional self. There is much going on at all times that you do not recognize because of your veiled awareness and belief systems. There are frequencies, matrices, and realities that exist in which you are very active. Yet the "one cell" you focus on resists this expansion or does not even know of the others' existence.

Expand your awareness. It is much easier than one might imagine. You do it often, now just recognize when you have shifted.




Message 72

Vibrational Matrix

First let us say that you appear to us as vibrational patterns, weavings of energy, light and sound. These patterns and weaving shift and move in constant flow and fluctuation. Your vibrational matrix gives the appearance of the galaxy in all its expanded wonder.

Quantum physics tells you that the human body is mainly space. It is not solid, even though it appears solid and feels solid. It is like outer space; your atoms shine like the stars in your night sky. We are inviting you to stretch into the realms in which you might see your form as we do.

There are some who have the ability to see the vibrational matrix. They can see the energy weavings of color, sound and light. Many can sense, feel or even hear the vibrational matrix of another. This vibrational matrix has many names: aura, charisma, magnetism. This ability to see or hear the vibrational matrix of another will become more common as humans expand into their multidimensional awareness.

Today we would like to share with you what the vibrational matrix contains and how it is formed. Just as the human vehicle is formed in the mother's womb, so begins the energy weavings. Each human form is a collection of vibrations that entwine into energy patterns. This vibrations network is created by the emotions, thoughts and experiences.

All human experiences are translated into this vibrational matrix, this energy fabric. The experiences in this third/fourth dimension are not supportive to the expansion and strengthening of the individual vibrational matrix. The dysfunction and unconsciousness that is commonplace within humanity has created tangles or blockages in the weavings of the energy fields.

These energy tangles slow or block the flow of divine life altogether. The results are a humanity that is dying. It is this vibrational matrix that holds the pattern and weavings for the formation of the human body with all its interrelated and interdependent elements.

Every cell and atom vibrates at a certain rate. The bones, the blood, all the organs, every aspect of the physical form is held in place and created from this vibrational matrix. The physical form matches the vibrational matrix. This is a rather simple way to state an incredible complex concept, however it offers an invitation for more discovery.

Play with this idea and all of its implications. Notice the places in which you are expanded and the places you might have energy tangles. Be playful and joy filled in your discovery of reading your own and others' vibrational matrix.




Message 73

Sixth Dimensional Work

The seed matrix of each human is an essential to understanding our true nature. It is that which gives origin or form in this reality. It is that which carries the energetic vibrations for each physical form. There is much value and significance in the comprehension and clear awareness of energy matrices.

It is this master matrix, this seed matrix of each human, which holds the divine blueprint. All records, all emotional experiences, all energetic signatures, are intertwined within this energy weaving.

It is within this personal seed matrix, this vibrational matrix, that all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances can be restored.

Your hospitals and care givers would proceed very differently if the seed matrix or the energy signature of each patient could be read, scanned and recognized. This would be the first and main area of approach in healing and restoring health to the physical body.

Just imagine having the ability to scan this personal energy matrix, see the areas where there is a tangle in the energetic weavings, or a blockage to the flow of divine life, then gently untangling the threads.

Once the original pattern has been restored to the master matrix, the physical body would manifest this rebalance and alignment. The body's divine integrity would be restored. This is truly sixth dimensional (and beyond) healing work.

Vibrational medicine works with the matrix in restoring well-being and health. It is all vibration, remember! Each energy matrix has its own sound frequency or frequencies.

Each human's matrix offers a sound frequency which is in resonance or "in tune" with well-being and aliveness, or is in dissonance and "out of tune" with well-being and aliveness.

There are human beings who have understood this and those who have the ability and awareness to see the energy matrices. This is a natural ability of all humans who step into the realms of their multidimensional selves. This awakening is happening within the consciousness of humans everywhere.

Those who offer and serve with energy work, sound, music therapy, and other vibrational practices are facilitating the untangling of emotional or mental patterns held in the matrix.

Here again, we remind you that energy follows thought and the importance of willingness as well as intention to facilitate this work. Notice today if you are in resonance with your joy, gratitude and appreciation. These vibrations, these feelings, will restore balance and well-being.




Message 74

A Bigger Playground

You are being invited to practice ways of riding the intense energy waves being generated from the stars.

Everything you experience as solid and "real" is vibrations of energy, held or locked in place by belief systems. If you could set aside all the mental programs about your reality you would experience a different reality. There are dimensions and timeframes you can experience and 'travel'.

Imagine a child who is raised in a small house. All their needs are met--they are happy, yet their entire world is the small house. They become an adult, yet never venture out of the small house, believing that the small house is all that exists. They see nothing more--all their beliefs and mental programs tell them that reality is only that one small house.

Then something happens and they are shocked out of their stance and beliefs. They catch a glance of a bigger reality beyond the small house. This is the beginning of expanded awareness.

This is happening on your planet. People are being shocked out of their stance of what's real. It's frightening and fearful and they have a tendency to run back into the small house, with small, safe, limited beliefs about reality.

We are encouraging you to step out the door and embrace the countless realities that are only a frequency or vibration away.

Allow yourself to imagine traveling to the stars. Allow yourself to see energy in its different forms without an overlay of your beliefs. Allow yourself to imagine how music might look or how music might smell rather the just how it sounds. Allow yourself to stretch into a space in which you question your beliefs and how you perceive your life.

Assistance is being given to awaken humanity to the rich tapestry of multi-realities. Reality is a bigger, freer playground. Reality is riding the energy flow. Reality is reading the energy signature of the moment. Reality is expansive.

Increase your personal vibration to a higher resonance. Balance, laughter, joy and gratitude are vibrational tickets that allow you to travel into these new realities of wonder and awe.



Message 75

Journey to Other Hologames

This reality/hologame is only one of many you participate in. As multidimensional starbeings your presence is simultaneously expanded to a multitude of other realities and hologames, which are layered, woven, and nested within each other.

This example will offer some clarity. You are here, perhaps at your desk focused with us and this message. That is one facet of the hologame/reality that you embrace.

You could step out of the hologame, this matrix, and travel to a friend's home and be in an entirely different hologame and matrix. Or you could be in the shopping mall and again it would be a different hologram and different matrix.

Each time you take your presence to a different event or activity, you are shifting the hologame. However in your consciousness, it is just different aspects of your life here on earth.

Now expand this concept to the galactic arena. It is the same. One hologame and reality is your total life here on this planet; however, there are certainly other realities and other planes of existence in which you are fully present, conscious, and an active energy field and vibration in that reality.

All these realities are nested, woven, and layered, just like your current embodiment and current life here on earth.

The key is to your awareness of being at your desk, or being at your friend's house or being at the office or shopping mall. You hold all these activities and all these changes in events and activities as a part of your life.

Your galactic life is the same. You have multidimensional realities, activities, events and hologames in which you participate, and this reality here on earth is only one of those holograms. It feels a bit overwhelming to consider that you are active in a multitude of various realities and timeframes, all of which are happening at once.

Allow this idea to stretch your mental concept, play with this possibility, especially when you have undisturbed time alone. Allow your consciousness and imagination to travel unrestricted and observe what images, feelings, thoughts and experiences occur.

Leave your small judging and doubting mind in a safe place, and play freely like a child of the universe that you are. The galaxy is your total playground.

Practice consciously sending forth a pure frequency of joy, gratitude, and appreciation. These vibrations, these frequencies are your anchor, your ticket, your magic carpet, your protection and your wings in any reality or hologame. Safe, smooth and gentle travels!



Message 76

Time is Elastic

Each individual is confronted with their old third dimensional time beliefs as they move in consciousness to the other dimensions. Humanity has recorded time, history and past events with clocks, calendars, and all manner and methods of measure.

Imagine moving into a new frequency in which time as you have known it does not exist. Imagine an expanded state of consciousness in which what you thought and what you expressed was manifested instantly with no time lag. You would think about something and it would appear before you.

There are those among you who have expressed this concept in many ways. Your story by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, says it very well; "To fly as fast as thought, to be anywhere there is, you must first begin by knowing that you have already arrived".

You are experiencing the inner conflict of your concepts of time and the realization that you are more than your physical body. You are an unlimited being of expansive states of consciousness.

You can travel time, shift time, honor time, struggle time, collect time, try to hold on to time, or you can relax and embrace the energetic shift that is taking place within your consciousness and the consciousness of all sentient beings.

We are exposing one of your most sacred belief systems and we understand your resistance and your confusion.

We invite you to play with this thing called time. Pretend that you can stretch it, expand it, and mold it to your day and your projects. You are learning to use your conscious mind to create.

So, if you are feeling stress you will only create more stress. If you are feeling time restraints, you create a reality of not enough time.

Make time your friend. It is very elastic and very flexible. Play with it in a new way. Relax into your tasks. Breathe, Laugh, and Lighten Up.




Message 77

Time as Fluid Flow

Spacious time lives in the NOW. Your beliefs/programs and your energetic stance of struggle creates time that is rather restrictive.

Time, in your earthly hologame, is a sacred belief. It is firmly anchored in your matrix and in all the programs that operate your mental activities. Most humans have some form of this rigid belief about time, with many rules and countless ways to measure time.

Everyone has experienced time being rather fluid. When doing a job in which you are bored, time seems to move slowly. When you are totally engaged in an activity, time disappears and you wonder "Where did the time go?"

This is your perception of time. Remember energy follows thought. Time follows thought. Your thoughts about time arise from your belief system about time.

As humans, you are engaged with the matrix of time. As a multidimensional being you can and do step out of this earthly limited matrix of time. It is a matter of awareness and practice.

Look at your beliefs and question your beliefs about time. Notice how you worship time, how you covet time, how you wrap your activities in limited time. Notice your struggles and seeming stress that is created from these beliefs. Notice how mass consciousness holds these beliefs about time.

Asking you to look at the matrix of time in a new way is similar to asking a fish about the water in which it swims, or the bird about the air in which it flies. The fish is so enveloped by water and bird is so enveloped by air, they cannot conceive of a different reality.

To understand the concept of time one must first know and investigate just how the energy matrix of time controls and runs their life.

Notice where time stalls for you and where you allow it to flow.

Notice how often you truly stay in the present moment of NOW.

Practice bringing your awareness into each NOW. Notice what you say about time and how you share your limited beliefs about time. "I never have enough time." "Time is running out." "Time is speeding up."

Play with this, allow this to be fun. It does not have to be so serious. Time is not as sacred as you have made it. It is flexible and fluid. Allow yourself to stretch into that unlimited, magnificent energy matrix of NOW.

Acknowledge yourself when you experience time as a new spacious form. Acknowledge when you experience a synchronicity; this is time being fluid.




Message 78

Matrix of Unlimited Time

Time is fluid--it is not contained in your clocks or the pages of your calendar. Those are tools created for measuring this thing called time. It is important that you continue to investigate and query your own personal time matrix. These are the beliefs that you were given by your family and society and are only programs within your system.

Your personal belief about time is just another agreement that you assumed because it felt solid and everyone said it was solid. In the earthly hologame it is a part of the game rules. Everyone will honor time and give it the power to run the show.

What if time is fluid? How would that effect your day and the participation in your earthly life? Just for a moment, let us imagine that past, present and future are all happening and shifting simultaneously. It is your perception of time that places them in the rigid placement.

Imagine that events in your future could shift the events from your past which would alter your present "NOW". As a multidimensional being this is how you would and could address this concept called time.

As a human locked into the third/fourth dimension, the rigid beliefs and laws that you have been taught about time are just programs in your bio-computer.

The rules of life on the earth plane are arranged around time. We can hear your comments about being late for appointments, waking up on time, catching a plane at a certain time, important dates and events happening at a given time.

Time as you know it here on planet earth is important to recognize and be aware of because it makes playing the game understandable. However, it is not the only recognized system of time in the universe. It is a limited system.

Sense your limited beliefs about time and then begin to allow your consciousness to become more fluid and watch how your perception of time becomes more fluid.

Expand into the matrix of unlimited time, where with just a thought you could and would be anywhere on the timeline. Imagine with just a focused thought you could be present at any event, anywhere, at any time.

Remember, outside this reality, time is fluid. It is with your focused expanded consciousness that you travel time. Play with this concept. Imagine just what you would do if you could travel time. Make it a playful and joy filled experience.



Message 79

Practice Stillness

We will speak to you of stillness, for it is within the moments of stillness that balance is restored.

In the future days as the energy flooding your earth increases, those who walk this timeframe will experience much chaos and the seeming out of balance of daily and global events. It is most important to develop the skill of maintaining your personal balance in the midst of these difficult and changing times.

We invite you to make a practice of stillness, be quiet for a few minutes several times a day. As you practice and use this simple tool, it will become easier and quicker to reach your state of balance. Stillness allows your body/mind/emotions/spirit to realign.

When you notice you are feeling the most stressed, the most harried, that is truly the time to pause, become quiet, and reset. Practice conscious stillness. This practice keeps your circuits open for guidance.

This will become as natural as your breath and you will carry a balanced energy field which will assist you in your personal interface with life experiences and it will assist the global matrix, the global energy field to resonate a state of balance.

Like all things in the hologame, this practice of stillness will shift the whole. Small, simple, dedicated actions infused with joy, gratitude, and appreciation will ripple outward from your life, shifting and transforming all other energy it touches.

You and others who practice conscious stillness will offer an example, a safe harbor, and a balanced frequency for others to entrain and resonate with. Your numbers will increase as you offer balance to the energy fields you interact with in your daily activities.

We encourage you to practice conscious stillness. This exercise will open many more doors of awareness for you and strengthen your connection with your guidance.




Message 80


We offer you the expanded perception of the sacred art of ritual. Rituals open and close an activity--simple.

Rituals can be as basic as a spoken word of acknowledgment of what is taking place, or as elaborate as you can imagine. Each person will find the most comfortable place to bring more ritual into their life, their day and their actions. Rituals and intentions invite a very conscious vibration into your awareness and how you interface with all aspects of reality.

A simple ritual before a meal prepares the mind/body to accept the foods offered. A closing prayer of gratitude, a simple bowed head, completes the act of eating. A ritual created as you shower or bathe has great power to cleanse the energy field as well as the body.

Rituals can be used to create a framework to hold an activity, an event or gathering. There are rituals for release and rituals for bringing forth. Begin to be aware of the rituals you already have in your life. Some you might call habits. Look and see how you can shift and elevate these habits to become spiritual acts.

You can elevate, offer as a higher vibration the simple tasks you perform each day. There are rituals that you can create that honor the stages of each day.

A morning ritual can be as simple as a spoken prayer or you may decide to expand your ritual to include several acts that will consciously enhance this stage of your day. Perhaps you light a candle, say your prayer and bring your awareness fully into your physical form, filling yourself with the energy, the sounds and the gift the morning offers. This is a time for gratitudes, a time for intention, a time to connect.

Then at your noontime... be aware that you have entered another stage of the day... leave behind what is complete from the morning and step into this different rhythm and energy.

Again before your nights sleep, have a ritual to honor the day lived, acknowledging self, releasing all that needs to be released. This is a time of forgiveness and of gratitude.

With conscious awareness and dedicated practice these daily rituals will soon be smoothly woven into your day, adding new dimensions to your life.




Message 81

Ritual Part II

Rituals assist in the full spiritual presence coming forth. There are rituals that you can perform honoring each season of the year. Then the seasonal energy construct you have called forth will flavor the days that follow.

Your body/mind/emotions and spirit will remember the significance of the season, the qualities, and the attributes of this time of the year and will flow more in harmony with it. There are rituals in which you can be aware of the lunar cycles and its movement with your body. You will be able to observe the rhythms, the pull and the pulse.

There are rituals for the stages in your life, as you move through the ages and the seasons of your timeline. By honoring these passages with rituals you are able to step cleanly from one stage into the next.

Creating a ritual that honors the stage you are leaving, completed bringing the lessons and gifts and releasing what is finished. By your conscious actions in this ritual you will embody each stage in your life more fully.

There are rituals that you can perform honoring each season of the year. Then the seasonal energy construct you have called forth will flavor the days that follow.

Through rituals, you see your every action as holy, each and every action become sacred. From the preparation of food to the daily task of cleaning, you bring your full spiritual presence to each activity.

By the act of creating rituals you stay more conscious, more present, and more alive with all that you do, with every action that you take.




Message 82

Out of the Box

The dimensions are a matter of frequency and vibration. Humans travel from one dimension to another many times a day. If it is not within their belief system, they are not aware of this and will not recognize this happening. For them it does not exist.

You only see what you believe. Your reality matches your beliefs. That's the tricky part. You look out at your reality and see a certain experience. You see it--it looks real, feels real, and others agree that it's real. Therefore, it must be real.

You continue to gather proof of its realness. You even write books about its realness. You have organizations around its realness. You fight for its realness. It is only real because you are operating in a frequency or belief that makes it real. This is what is termed a locked down reality. Everything strengthens the illusion and strengthens the beliefs of the illusionary realness.

The key is to begin to stretch your beliefs, stretch your knowing. You have a term that is excellent which invites this stretch--Think out of the box.

Notice when your experiences feel limiting. Notice when you are thinking thoughts that do not empower you. Notice when you feel shut down. Notice when you long for more yet feel trapped. Notice when you sense there is something more that could unfold. When that is happening you are touching the sides of your limitation box.

At those moments you can shift the frequency, you can shift your mental vibration and begin to allow another reality to emerge; practice stretching, expanding your way of viewing events. Practice a visualization of being above the events or just outside the event. Change your perspective, your viewpoint, just a little.

Allow the sides of your belief box to expand to include something slightly different, slightly new, something that you "normally" would not even consider a possibility because it would be too far out, too unreal. Remember you see what you believe.

Making connections with other dimensions is just a matter of stepping out of the box, the limited mental or emotional box. It is vibrating at a higher frequency, stepping out of old, limited beliefs and welcoming the awareness of your multidimensional starself.

Allow a softening, a merging of the dimensions, a flow, gentle and smooth shifting frequency and vibration. The golden key is conscious practice of vibrating joy, gratitude and appreciation, moment to moment to moment. These are high frequency vibrations; they allow your box of limited thinking to disappear.




Message 83

Change and Reality

Your scientists realize that the world that you know and the world that surrounds you are always in constant flux. There are multi-realities, multi-choices available every moment. Quantum Physics offers insights into these multidimensional realities. Quantum Physics shows that energy can be a particle or a wave.

Energy is imprinted by your conscious or unconscious thoughts. Each moment is new and fresh. It is awaiting your command. Humans are especially rigid with how they view their life, who they think they are, and how they should or shouldn't act or be.

Most humans are unaware that they imprint their reality each moment and they are locked into a mindset of beliefs that reality is always a certain way. Then it is so. They continue to create the same, again and again and again. It is an illusion that things stay the same. Your reality is always in flux.

This imprinting of the energy field is done on an individual, collective basis. There are beliefs and certain types of rigid mindsets that exist in the collective consciousness of humanity. These beliefs and ways of being imprint the hologame, the matrix, the energy field, each moment. Therefore, the reality in which you play stays much the same.

There is comfort in the sameness. There is comfort in the belief of sameness. There is comfort in group beliefs, collective beliefs. It is a part of this planet's dysfunction.

Change is resisted because change is scary. Humans will hold on to a situation that is unhealthy and even painful because they are afraid of change. The collective consciousness acts much the same as the individuals.

Society sees and feels the dysfunctions. Society is challenged to make the conscious changes, especially when they are saturated with reasons to fear these changes. Each individual contributes their own personal fears, and insecurities to the whole. These collective fears, insecurities, and beliefs continue to keep the reality of dysfunction locked into each new now.

There is a gathering of those who are aware of the gift of imprinting each NOW with new realities. They are awakening to the realization that they are more than who they thought themselves to be. They are truly multidimensional beings, aware that reality is a thought, reality is a particle, and reality is a wave.

These beings are beginning to ride the energy in a new way. They are beginning to mold and sculpt their energy in a new way and therefore imprinting their reality with more loving consciousness.




Message 84

Self Healing Global Service

Everyone is being encouraged to transform their personal fear, personal righteousness, personal prejudice, personal rage and personal judgment.

Each individual, each human is responsible for the energy that they offer to the collective. Each individual, each human is being required to take their magnificent place in the transformation and unfolding of a better world--a world that knows peace, love and joy.

You must first have the conscious awareness of any behavior before you can transform that pattern or program. Until that awareness flashes into your conscious mind you are operating on automatic, your ego is in control and is driving your life.

The "out picturing" of the violence happening around the world is the collective emotional shadow of humanity. Humanity is awakening from a deep slumber, the ego slumber, the pre-patterned and pre-programmed slumber.

There is tremendous celestial support being offered to the personal and collective consciousness. This celestial support is assisting in the shift to the higher dimensions of freedom and flow--the dimensions in which all are aware "WE ARE ONE".

Each human carries an important key in this shift and transformation. Each human has an aspect of the collective shadow and can offer that shadow aspect to the light and transform what is repressed with an aware consciousness through their sacred heart.

It is your willingness, awareness, and asking for assistance in personal shadow work. It is dedication and diligence in healing, forgiving, and transforming all that has been repressed within the subconscious.

This is the opportunity of each multidimensional Star-being--to transform their emotions, transform their frequencies and transform their consciousness.

Each human is either imprinting this field of all possibility with their fear, limiting beliefs and ego manipulation, or they are imprinting this energy field with their love, joy, gratitude and appreciation. Each human is a celestial transformer of emotional energy.


Message 85

Call it Forward

Each new day is truly a gift that so often is put aside as you pick up the remains of yesterday. Remember that when old programs and doubts pop up you are offered the opportunity to transform that piece of emotional/mental dysfunctional energy.

You are transformers, pure and simple. You have the tools and the master keys of energetic alchemy. Every human is equipped with the awesome power to transform their reality. The shift and the transmutation of energy from patterns of dysfunction to patterns of empowerment and grace are an hourly, daily, and lifetime process.

There are those who embrace this shift and welcome it with open arms and there are those who resist every step of the evolutional path. They are engaged in the process of the struggle and it is the challenge of the struggle that makes them feel powerful and in control.

This is a false illusion. The power is in the trust and in the awareness of each moment, and in being in a gentle, alert, conscious state of mind. It is much like riding the wave, catching the wind in your sail, running the rapids.

If you could observe your cheering section of non-physical energy as you go about your interactions each day, you would be awesomely inspired.

Each human is the cutting edge of aware consciousness in physical form. The powers that each human has at their mental and emotional fingertips are truly incredible. You are the weavers, the creators, and the manfestants.

You are the extension of divine source in human form. Your life is the reflection of your skills and abilities.

The idea that you have a physical body and maintain that body is the first and most important aspect of manifesting.

Each human comes equipped with incredible capabilities. However, they use only a few of their awesome abilities. Each human has programs that veil and disguise their multidimensional talents. It is time to remove the veil and the dysfunctional disguises.

The concerns and worries hanging out in the edges of your consciousness are the remnants of the old patterns of helplessness, hopelessness and powerlessness. When they surface you have the opportunity to shift this dysfunctional pattern and choose another behavior, emotion, or thought to replace it.

This is a game, a hologame. Play it with joy and abandon. Play it with wonder and skill. Envision the most delicious possibilities reflected in your life. Imagine the very best result and call it forward. Your joy, gratitude and appreciation are the magnets which pull it to you.



Message 86


What is it to manifest? It is to reveal, to bring into light, to embody and materialize. We are aware that this sounds simple, and it is simple--when you are aware and know fully that you are pure spirit, pure consciousness, and pure energy.

Become aware that your pure spirit, pure consciousness and pure energy has been manipulated and programmed since the birth. This is the time for humanity to step out of the haze and numbness of powerlessness and fear, to shake off misconceptions and beliefs about lack and scarcity.

Each human carries some aspect of this limiting programming. These beliefs have been handed down from one generation to the next, sometimes in words, but more often in the energetic stance or energetic signatures of parents, teachers, leaders, employers, and the collective consciousness of the entire matrix.

The work for each human in this moment in time is to shake off this programming, lift consciousness and awareness up to the place of totally knowing who they are as a multidimensional starhuman.

Each human is unlimited, infinite, and powerful beyond measure. Each human is a creator, an energy vortex and a manifestant of the highest degree. Step into this knowing. Step into this awareness. Step into and embody this true clear power.

You and all others are transforming the remains of any dysfunctional patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are in your human operating system.

Scan your life, review and discover all the times when you asked and did receive. Make a list for yourself of the multitude of times you had a need or desire, asked for it and it appeared, it was revealed and made visible. You will discover through this process all the times in which you manifested your desires.

The last aspect of the cycle is to allow yourself to receive what you have asked for. Practice more allowing and practice more gratitude. Relax into the process and know that all is well and that all is unfolding as it should be.

Your beloved planet is embraced by the incredible infusion of the Divine Light of Awareness. When any bright light shines in a place that has been dark, all is revealed, and the dysfunctions and patterns that have been hidden in the shadows can be transformed as they are brought to awareness and full consciousness.



Message 87

Be in Joy

Joy is the elixir for all things. Bring more joy into your tasks. When you radiate a vibration of joy, however mild, there is a shift in response within your body that is reflected in the response of your reality.

It can be as easy as a smile on your face as you do one of your many tasks. This will create a different message to your body and you will shift the usual stress responses to your work and busyness into a more conscious relaxed state of mind/heart.

Become aware of the stages or subtle frequencies of the emotional vibration you label joy. There is ecstasy, rapture, bliss, jubilation, delight, happiness, cheer, gladness, and pleasure. Practice the different frequencies of joy.

Be delighted. Celebrate the small wonders all around you. Rejoice with your breath. Smile for no reason, just smile into the moment.

Allow new face muscles to be discovered as you smile into your concerns and worries.

Find cause to laugh, giggle, or radiate cheerfulness, practice being light-hearted, carefree, and elated about the miracles in your life or the miracles of the moment. Be happy, be bright, rejoice and enjoy. Be in Joy.

The skill of maintaining an attitude and frequency of joy is a most important skill. Imagine that you have a joy muscle and you have not exercised it enough. You need to stretch it, expand it and fully express it. Allow joy in any form to proceed you.

Smile as you answer the phone, make a meal, and pay your bills. Smile into the mirror each time you look at your image, smile at your reflection. Smile as you are falling asleep at night. Practice smiling even while you are thinking.

Place your awareness in your heart when you smile. This is a powerful alchemical practice. The simple act of smiling from your heart will attract more joy, bliss, and happiness into your life.

The physical tasks will flow easier, your body will respond by being relaxed with less stress. The worries will evaporate; the tasks will be completed with ease and grace. Joy will clear the way for incredible miracles and expansion. This is a wonderful skill to practice and use that will enhance everything in your life.

The energy field that radiates from joy will transform any experience, activity, outcome or results. Your joy will be like a healing balm to yourself and others in your life. Practice your joy in all is wondrous forms.



Message 88

Claiming Your Gifts

We are here, streaming energy, offering suggestions and gentle reminders that you are a multidimensional being of great skill with a great desire to serve. These are miraculous, wondrous times. Humans are expanding into their full powerful potential as the multidimensional beings they truly are.

Your news offers examples of the incredible abilities of multidimensional beings, the story of the young blind man who senses sound vibrations bouncing off objects as he clicks like the dolphins. He has stepped into his potential functioning like a sighted person.

The psychologist who shared his story about the miraculous closing of the entire ward of declared criminally insane patients who were restored to balance. He was aware that by healing himself, it would offer the patients healing because he knew with certainty they were a part of him.

There is powerful potential within, which humans are discovering. Your reality is unlimited, infinite, ever expanding. Each day there is news which declares another wondrous, amazing ability that has been discovered and revealed by humans who are claiming their true identity and their multidimensional reality.

We wish you could only see yourselves as we do--bright oscillating frequencies of color and light, pure potential, pure creative energy. These are exciting times on your planet, an awakening, a turning, an expanding.

You have a front row seat. You have the winning ticket. You have the awesome opportunity to allow yourself to expand into your unlimited reality and unlimited ability to claim and own your multidimensional gifts.

  • You are invited to release the old programs that limit your thinking.

  • You are invited to release the old emotions that keep you vibrating in a dense form.

  • You are invited to release the concepts of what you think is real.

  • You are invited to step out of your self created, self imposed limitation box.

  • You are invited to honor your magnificence every moment with every breath.

  • You are invited to hold and radiate a pure frequency of joy, gratitude and appreciation.

  • You are invited to stay in the chalice of your heart, offering compassion and forgiveness.

  • You are invited to practice the frequency of pure love. 

These suggestions will assist you in claiming the wonders of who you truly are as an emissary of the galaxy, as an aspect of the divine creator, as an aspect of the one cosmic heart.

Step into this day with a true sense of gratitude. Claim the magic and wonder that is yours. Breath life into your dreams, your moments, and make them gifts to one and all.








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